Monday, October 25, 2010

DOTD: Gangsta Princess

I know you’re looking at this outfit and thinking… I’ve seen this outfit before… Well it is seriously similar to this outfit… CLICK HERE

But I just got this Loop18 vest on Friday and I love it and couldn’t wait to wear it. Not to mention I am seeing so many pictures of celebrities rocking the cobalt blue stiletto with black and white that I had to work out an idea to see how it would go. I also wanted to wear a cap and show you can have bad hair days and still be diva.

Ever see a model in a magazine and think to yourself… that is on BAD BISH!!! That is exactly how I felt in these pictures… I hope you like… What do you think?!!!

IMG_0091IMG_0073IMG_0090 IMG_0081  IMG_0079        IMG_0097

What I’m Wearing Today:

Top: Asos Curve  

Leggings: Asos Curve 

Vest: Loop18

Shoes: FourEver Funky

Earrings: Beauty Supply Store

Cap: Burlington Coat Factory

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