Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DOTD: Royal Blue - Off With Their Heads

Today I have my first meeting with the client face to face. I was told by my manager that I had to come seriously professional, preferably in a suit... I don't own a suit (that's not 8 sizes too big). So I decided to wear a skirt, top, and bf blazer to make it look as though it were a suit. Thank goodness for the blazer because without it, I think this outfit is a bit on the sexy side.

On an unrelated note... I lost another follower... I think my fashion for work may not be as identifiable as my unemployed fashion was to my readers. But I have to dress for what is currently going on in my life otherwise, you would never see any posts. I think over the past year, I have grown as blogger and even though I seem no closer to my 200 google followers goal... I'm happy. I have a style that is my own that I can wear with confidence and happiness. And a style I can defend because I know I am not attempting to be something I'm not. But I also have a blog where I can share my love for fashion with others. This weekend I intend to get back on track with my "Divas of the Week" posts... so if you see something you think I missed, hit me up so I can share it. And I also will return to my "Lo Quiero Ahora" posts as I will eventually be able to purchase new things and want to start my wish list ASAP.

My email box is always open, if you ever want to ask a question... or would like to see me explore something else on this blog... just let me know... I can be reached at: yramirez.diva(at)gmail(dot)com


What I'm wearing today:
Bodycon Pencil Skirt: Asos Curve
Shoes: ebay (seller: Foureverfunky)
Necklaces/Earrings: Beauty Supply
BF Blazer: Silhouettes
Tights: Silkies

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