Thursday, April 17, 2014

DOTD: Connect The Dots

Hola Divas...
I know I've failed miserably at being a blogger but as I've indicated on multiple occasions... life happens. So since the last time I was here, I've changed jobs yet again. The small company I worked for was bought out by a larger company and the changes were earth shattering. The people I had created relationships with and had in turn inducted into my "work" family were layed off and after the dust cleared I tried to remain positive. There were people who were negative even though they still had a job... and there were people who still wanted to consider it us against them. But if you know me... you know I just like to go with the flow. I don't like drama if I can completely avoid it. So I embraced the new co-workers which in turn made me some enemies... but again... I didn't let it phase me.
So after it all, I am now working in a new department and excited about what the future holds. My best friend did not make it through all the changes and that was the only thing that almost made me lose my composure. I am sitting at his going away dinner as I write this post. This allows me the distraction to not cry or lose my composure. I'm hoping that I will be amble to connect the dots after all is said and done. So onto the fashion... this is yet another dress I got from Gwynnie Bee and these amazing Shoedazzle pumps. Have you ever experienced your company being bought by another company? What was the outcome for you and your friends? Was it the same after the dust settled? Hasta la próxima ~besitos~
What I Wore Today: Dress: Kiyonna via Gwynnnie Bee Shoes: Shoedazzle Necklace: Ily Couture Cami: Forever 21 plus Earrings: Beauty Supply (local)
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