Sunday, May 30, 2010

DOTD: Return of the Diva

I love how people have been looking for my outfit posts and so I made a serious effort to make sure I could post a DOTD (Diva of the Day) for you all today. I was originally going to wear this dress in orange but then something made me decide to do the yellow instead.
Today I ran errands, went to the flea market and got some things for my girls. They love my bracelets and necklaces, so I went to buy them some of their own, as well as getting Yaz some headbands (she lives for headbands... its the cutest thing). My son only wanted a hat like Jay-Z... found it and he's estactic. Searched the entire Baltimore area for white earrings... finally found some almost right before returning home. So glad I had on what I was wearing as it was 120 degrees outside today (not really but it felt that hot).

Okay... best part of my day. I wore flats today, and my ankles didn't hurt at all... listening to the doctor may have worked... *gigantic smile*

I hope this was a good return to OOTD posts... ¿Opiniones?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Wal-mart
Sweater: Torrid
Ring: Torrid
Necklace: Flea Market
Earrings: Beauty Supply


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Polka Dot Shopping Bag

With my hiatus meant a few of my normal posts have been lacking. Things will continue to pick up and I will return to my usual amount of blogging and outfit posting. During my sabbatical I have been scrolling through the sites for things that I like. Motivated by my article about Polka Dots... I couldn't seem to get enough of surfing the net for greater polka dot finds, I decided to save my favorites for my blog. Here is what I would love to see in my closet sometime soon. I am not financially able, but a Diva can dream.

Super love this dress, its this great shade of yellow that will look amazing against my skin. Also, will be super girly no matter what I have planned for the day.

Multi Spot Print Skirt (Dorothy Perkins)
With my great love for color, I am so in love with this skirt. Its just that perfect piece you could wear with just about any color shirt or shoes. A little afraid of white but for this skirt I will make an exception.

My husband took one look at this top and said... I like it in pink and black. I have to admit, I wouldn't mind both versions in my closet either.

Faith21 rarely let's me down. I love this look. So much so that I can't wait to use this as a top as opposed to using it as a skirt. The lavender is one of the few colors I don't have in my closet and would love to add.

It's Raining Flowers Dress (Curvalicious Clothes)
This isn't exactly a traditional polka dot look, but how can you not love a dress that has the dots rain down into the flowers. Not to mention the number colors in this dress... this is the PERFECT dress for me.

I love spring but have a love/hate relationship with summer. But this top is perfect for allowing my shoulders to catch the occasional breeze, but still allow me to look so very very trendy... Have I mentioned how much I love the strapless look?

Found this site today completely by accident. But I am not upset about the finds I have found there. It was as though this site found me. And this dress... must be mine... I mean how good would I look in this dress? I know... AWESOME!!!

I don't want to say I saved the best for last, but I really really love the blue of this dress. I think I actually gasped when I found it. Its like that great piece you can make look different each time you wear it. Oh the ideas.

Aren't these looks great? Do you have a look you prefer over another? Do you have links to some great polka dot looks? I await your comments...


DOTD: Lacey Review

In my previous post, you saw a sneak peek of an entirely new outfit that I wore pre/post Fashion Show. The pieces were comfortable but trendy enough to cause even some older fans to pull me aside and question me about my taste. This is my first review so please bear with me as try to describe how the items in detail.

First, I have on a tank from Faith21. Its soft cotton and it feels great against the skin. The lace trim makes it really fun and funky and versatile. It’s long but not long enough to wear with my all lace leggings but it worked well with my lace panel leggings. I feel that it would be a great wear to have use on a day when all I want is a pair of jeans and a tank, but I still want to look nice. Also, I feel like a lace blazer would really take this up a notch.

The leggings I am sporting were provided from the great folks at Yours Clothing. I wanted to try their jeggings for a while and I wore a pair recently in another post. I was equally excited to try their leggings and was not disappointed. They are really soft and they have a high enough waist so that they stay in place (which is important for me as I have the “mommy” pooch). The lace panel makes them more fun and rebellious and I got many people asking me where I purchased them and I was happy to send more business their way. I am really starting to look at Yours Clothing as having the best selection of plus size leggings. If you want to add to your collection something more than the basic leggings, I would check their website.

The lace shoes are amazing, I wasn’t intending to purchase them but every time I passed them in the store, I could actually hear them saying my name. They are super comfortable, and maybe after wearing them one night, I wish I had gotten them in a size 10 as opposed to the 11, but it doesn’t change the love I have for them. I’ll probably purchase some no slip discs for the shoes and wish for the best. As for where they were purchased… my usual spot… Off Broadway Shoes (of Arundel Mills) and the designer is Kate Preston.

All in all I picked the best outfit to be comfortable while wearing something that would be easy to get in and out of without much trouble. I also liked how it was comfortable but great and chic at the same time.

Outfit Breakdown:
Lace Tank: Faith21
Lace Panel Leggings: Yours Clothing
Lace Stilettos: Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)


Friday, May 28, 2010

Diva Spotlight: DOTFS Diva Tai

So I know I've been lacking this past week but I have been dealing with my emotions but I am finally getting back to my old self. But I had to post this post now. On the day of the Fashion show... my sister-in-law was looking divalicious and I told her she is going to be spotlighted on this blog. Now I also want to explain that you don't have to only be spotlighted once. I want you to feel you can send me your fav outfits as often as you like...

But here is the DEBUT... of my SIL

Diva Tai: Diva of the Fashion Show (DOTFS)... btw... love the flower!!!

Check us out together... too much diva-ness at all...


Fun ways to explore Polka Dot Trend of Spring 2010

Fun ways to explore Polka Dot Trend of Spring 2010

Please note: when viewing the slideshow... please understand that the slideshow creator is broken and has combined 2 different shows... so scroll through them all to see all the great polka dot looks.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Curve Appeal Fashion Show - The Slide Show

As you know, Saturday was the Curve Appeal Fashion Show, in which I was a model. I had a blast. It was the best experience and I met a SUPER group of women. I can't believe I have to wait a whole year before I can do this again. So because I am so tired... and not as motivated as I usually am... below is a slideshow for you to view so that you can see what you missed... and remember.... if you live in the MD/DC area... you must visit...

Curve Appeal (Full Figured Consignment)
Brightview Business Center
8258 Veterans Highway, Ste. 2
Millersville, MD 21108

Friday, May 21, 2010

DOTD: The Very Pink of Perfection

“The very pink of perfection.”

Oliver Goldsmith quotes (Irish born British Essayist, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1730-1774)

I feel this is the perfect title for my DOTD (Diva of the Day) for today. My 6 year old, Yaz, kept saying "That is Fashion" after I got dressed. She said I looked great. Of my 2 girls she is the one who takes risks with her fashion and I applaud her for it. Last night I painted her toes and put some clear on her hands... and she was estatic. I have been blessed with some awesome kids... What makes it more awesome is what she is rocking today. Her outfit is totally thrifted but so fashionable and she picked it herself... *smiles*

Her Outfit is slightly different in that her fedora has a sequin band around it. And her tank is Hello Kitty. But she threw on the teal cardi... super cute... SO PROUD!!

I designed my outfit after her...

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Wal-mart
Skirt: Dots
Shoes: Payless
Vest: Fatshionista Sales Post
Earrings: Beauty Supply

Another good makeup day... i think


Giveaway Spotlight: Mrs Hall in Training Giveaway

Mrs Hall In Training: The Big Reveal - SugarLand Giveaway

You have to check out this fabulous giveaway... I'm a huge fan of accessories as you know... and this is awesome!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MOTD: Smokey Gets In My Eye

Went all comfy again today. Didn't take any body pics... but I really loved my attempt at smokey eye so I wanted to post that. I know now after multiple attempts that I can't do an all black and grey smokey eye. I must add color (otherwise I look like a crackhead on the search for her next fix). Today I did a teal variation to match my dark teal leggings. So althought it looks like its blue, its actually teal and dark forest green blended to be a darker teal. Hope you like it...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DOTD: Tie Dye For

So today's outfit isn't all that cute or spectacular, but I went to the gym this morning and those endorphins did something to me... I am in the best mood with TONS of energy. So although I am all comfy, I decided to play with my Lauren Luke My Vintage Glams and I think my makeup turned out awesomely. I think this is the look I will work on the runway on Saturday.

So how is your hump day going?

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Target (Men's XL Tee)
Tie Dye Leggings: Torrid
Gray Wedge Sandals: Old Navy
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear
Earrings: Claires
Lauren Luke My Vintage Glams Palette: Sephora


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curve Appeal Fashion Show

Curve Appeal Fashion Show

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DOTD: Little Miss Sunshine

Didn't wear this... but I needed the pick me up of a work outfit... So here is what I would wear if I had a job...

Outfit Breakdown:
Lace Top: Don't remember
Pencil Skirt: Asos Curve
Yellow Blazer: Dots
Lace Shoes: Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)
Necklace: Flea Market

Aren't we all FAB U LUS!!!

Check me out and some other great bloggers on this recap from the always fabulous Musings of a Fatshionista

Monday, May 17, 2010

OOTD: My first shoot... ing

Remember that loving photo shoot from Saturday, it was a wonderful highlight of my day. Then... I left there to go the pre-fashion show thing... also awesome. THEN... I went to work with my brother as a security guard in Baltimore City. I don't usually have a problem with it, and I didn't have a problem on Saturday until about 10 minutes before closing I hear this popping sound. I think its a firecracker, cause you know... I'm a suburban girl and have no idea that it could be anything else. However, I did notice that when the noise happened, everyone around me hit the ground, flat like pancakes. I hear it again and then I see a man with a gun come out of the alley. I realize then... NOT FIREWORKS!!!
Now imagine that I am still standing (the only one standing)... like a tall oak tree unable to move. The shots continue to pop like the 4th of July. Then the girl I was speaking to before all this happened, pushed me into the door of the club, and she, I, and a few other people fell into the door like a bunch of domino. I could hear shots continue to ring out and then they stopped... I could hear my brother screaming my name. He then yanked me off the floor and checked me for wounds or bleeding. I had gotten a little trampled but thank God I was untouched. The night that was supposed to end at 2am stretched on until 7am as I was held hostage at the police station to give my statement... over and over again. I would have left sooner, but a fellow security guard was there as well and unfortunately his wife had been hit during the flying bullets and they would not allow him to go to the hospital until his statement was given. So I allowed him to give his statement before me. My poor brother remained outside in my truck waiting for me. When I did get home after 7am, I went to sleep... woke up around 1pm. Took my son to the mall for shoes at 4pm and returned to sleep when I got home. You know you're stressed out when shoe shopping doesn't cure what ails you.

So today... I had to go back and I.D. the guy I saw...  and now its over... I hope. The detectives I had to deal with were all really nice. I had gotten my nails done today and they couldn't stop telling me how cute they thought they were... gotta love the sweet guys I had to deal with. I have never been in a situation like this and it made it easier... I do appreciate how everyone who was on Twitter supported me... I was a crying mess yesterday. Today is better, but its still hard when I think about how close I came to leaving my children without a mother... if you haven't guessed... I won't be doing security EVER again.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Stolen from brother's closet
Leggings: Newport News
Sweater: Torrid
Belt: Torrid
Red Flats: Payless
Nail Polish: China Glaze Tree Hugger



Saturday, May 15, 2010

DOTD: Maryland's Next Top Model

Today was a good day. I baked two cakes... a peach cake (that I sold) and a peach-mango cake that was for my family. The peach-mango cake is amazing!!! YUMMY!!!

Also today was the pre-fashion show where we picked out what we would be wearing for the actual fashion show next week. I am super duper excited now... I can't wait to post the pics that hubby takes next week. But first... here are the absolutely AWESOME pics he took today... love my pics from today... he has come a long way as my photographer.

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Ring: Torrid (sorry no closeup)



Diva Spotlight: Goddess in White - Marie Denee

As I searched Facebook and Twitter for those who would be willing to be a part of my "Diva Spotlight" I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee, would be willing to be on my tiny blog. That was a great compliment and it left me with a huge responsibility of making this great. I love this picture... this just confirms how much I need to purchase one of these dresses. Please show her some love...

Dress: Jibri

Jewlery: Corinthia Peoples

Shoes: Cannot remember

How I feel in it: They always say white makes you look big. Ha! In my white Jibri dress, I feel so chic, playful, and haute! My curves are accentuated in all the right places, and I feel like a fashionista, without the muss and fuss of it all…

This dress, this photo, means a lot to me as this is when I first debuted my second hat,, at the biggest white party in the Bay Area… so nervous, so excited, and a ball of jitters I was, but it went off without a hitch! This white dress, to me, represented an official change of things to come! I still look back on these pictures and smile….

Thank you diva!



Local business highlight: Sirrah Clothing

Local business highlight: Sirrah Clothing

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Couture Reign

A few days ago while reading Full Figure Plus's blog, I came across a link for Couture Reign. I was super excited that among their regular sizes, they also sell plus size clothing. I figured that I would do an wantlist post on the items that spoke to me the most. There are quite a few that I love so narrowing it down to 5 was so hard...
But here goes...

Studded One Shoulder Kimono
(I have a khaki pencil skirt I would love to wear with this)

Sleeveless Printed Dress
(Have a fabulous pair of purple sandals to wear with this)

Floral Tiered Dress
(Olive Zip sandals that are going to make this dress POP)

Military Tube Dress
(one of my favorites... I have sooo many ways I want to wear this)

Sheer Lace Sleeve Print Top
(My hubby and I both agreed this top would be super hot on me!!)

So what pieces do you like from their website? Leave a comment saying what you like the most.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Supporting My Divas: Blogging Advocation

Here is your favorite weekly feature... where I support other beautiful divas across the bloggosphere. So from here on out... I am changing this feature *gasp* But I hope you will think like I do that the changes are for the better.

I will list 5 blogs that I have found or that found me... and then below the 5 blogs that I list, I will have a linkytool where you can add posts of blogs that you liked throughout the week. Doesn't have to be only fatshon blogs. It can be any blogs that you feel should be shared. I hope you will like this as I do.

Now to begin:
Philly from Phasionetics is a sweet friend I met a few weeks ago on Twitter and then to top it off she won my Sephora giveaway (which I sent to her today). She is new to blogging so I can't really say I know the concept of what her blog will be, I can only say... I have every believe... she will be great. Follow her and find out what she is offering to out community.

Em. X. from Oh, The Places You'll Go! is my new bloggie crush. She is adorable and it does't hurt that she is boobilicious (as am I) and therefore we have that in common. I love her blog because she keeps me updated of a lot of fatshion (& fashion) news. I am not always good about keeping up to date on all the articles but I know that if I swing by her blog weekly I won't be completely out of the loop. Also, she is another of my new twitter friends... love her and follow her!!

C from Loving the Reflection is a new blog I found from another blog (I believe) but I knew she and I were destinted to be connected when her first blog post ever is about Sara Rue and her joining Jenny Craig. If like minds connect and you add fashion... what will happen in the universe? Only great things... Check her out... her OOTDs are adorable but casual... I think alot of you will relate with her.

Linda from the blog Lovin' Linda is amazing. She is from Tennessee and even admidst all that flooding and weather chaos, she is still looking fabulous... my current favorites are her stepping out of her comfort zone and trying leopard print, and her most current OOTD. She is super cute and just fatshionable... period... She is in need of new followers... so that is you... right?

At Fatshionably Chubby I instantly fell in love. Not only is she super trendy and cute... but she also has an ebay store where she sells super trendy and cute clothes... HELLO... threat... just kidding. She is so gorgeous and although I do get the feeling she isn't completely embracing her fatshionable gorgeous-ness... I think she needs to hear from some of my fans just how gorgeous and awesome she she is... so follow her and maybe leave a comment on her photoshoot pics post letting her know how much she "has it goin on"

Before I close this supporting diva post... here is an unscheduled link... I would like to take a moment to celebrate Weesha's World. I am celebrating her page because as I try to grow my blog and I check how many hits I get from various referrals from other sites... I found that she is the TOP blogger that sends referrals my way... and for that, I would like to thank her. So although she is not hurting for followers... just follow her and send some traffic her way... because she is super sweet and deserves it.

Now below... feel free to link my followers to blog posts you think deserve a little attention this week. THANKS for supporting the above ladies... and thanks for supporting me. I can never tell you all enough how much your support and comments mean to me!!!

DOTD: Turn it up!!

If you follow me on Twitter you are aware that I recieved my Yours Clothing order of leggings and jeggings yesterday. So I wanted to make a Diva of the Day (DOTD) post to include my new gray leggings. I love this look because it makes me feel all Rocker Chic. All that is missing is my must needed Moto Jacket (grrr)
Also, these leggings are super comfortable and I can see me wearing them many many different ways.

The shirt is comfortable and big. I got it a few sizes up because I would also like to wear it as a dress later in the summer *winks*

Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: Yours Clothing
Gray Jeggings: Yours Clothing
Lace Trim Tank: Newport News
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear
Shoes: Frederick's of Hollywood (current sale: $10 off $75 orders)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ay Ay Captain... Anchors Aweigh!!

Not having a job is seriously hurting my inner Diva. So today I decided that instead of taking a photo of what I am wearing today, I would take a picture of what I would wear had I been working...

I have been wanting to do this nautical look for quite some time. So now that I know my shirt is actually navy blue & white as opposed to black and white, this helped this outfit along. You may recall on my feature "Finding Fashion Inspiration Everywhere" I drafted this outfit from the mother at the school. I think I did it pretty darn close...

Had I been at work, I think I would have gotten respect from sailors everywhere *winks*

Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Top: Torrid
Sweater: Torrid
Belt: Torrid
Pencil Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Michael Shannon (Off Broadway Shoes)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And the winner is...

I first must apologize that I have taken so long to figure out who the winners of this contest are. I am such a procrastinator sometimes... but Nikstarr got me to buckle down and get this done...
I don't know much about that random pic website... so I just went old school and had hubby pic names out of a bucket... so here are the winners...

For the $50 Torrid Giftcard:


For the $25 Sephora Giftcard:


I will be contacting the winners to let them know about their win... but feel free to contact them and congratulate them on their win.

Taking a bite out of Fashion: Crimes of Fashion #2

Taking a bite out of Fashion: Crimes of Fashion #2

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

DOTD: Walking a Green Mile

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to wear my new green Old Navy wedges. The problem is that it is my first time wearing them. And unbeknownst to me I was going to do a lot of walking. Boy did my feet hurt by the end of the night… I had to purchase a pair of flip flops from the pharmacy while waiting for my hubbie’s prescription. All in all though, it was a great day. I know I am in the 27 Dresses Challenge, I think this is a dress I bought from Dorothy Perkins, and it may be just a tunic. I don’t know if that kicks me out of the challenge or not. But it was a great day. I had 3 perfect strangers tell me how nice I looked. That was serious, considering how I didn’t really plan on this being a “cute” outfit.

I think for a while I am going to allow friends and family pick the colors I wear. Today I plan on wearing blue… will post pics a little later… What do you think of this outfit? What color would you like to see me in next? Would you like it to be a combination of 2 or 3 colors? If so, which ones?

Outfit Breakdown:
Tunic/Dress?: Dorothy Perkins
Skimmers: Nine West (Sam's Club)
Shoes: Old Navy
Bracelets: Lane Bryant
Hat: Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings: Beauty Supply


Friday, May 07, 2010

Fun ways to explore Lace Trend of Spring 2010

Fun ways to explore Lace Trend of Spring 2010

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Fun ways to explore Bow Trend of Spring 2010

Fun ways to explore Bow Trend of Spring 2010

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DOTD: Orangecicle Dreams

Today I am wearing orange as that is the color that Diva Dawn said I should wear. I only have two orange dresses and the other isn't exactly wear ready. I love the brightness of this dress. I really do. I wish I had done my make-up more dramatic, but all in all. I really do love how I look and feel today.

So today i had a to do list with 20 items on it... and as of the time of this post I had only done 6 things on the list. YIKES!!! But today is still going rather well. I have 100+ followers (i guess another giveaway is in order) and that seriously made my day.

Outfit Breakdown:
Orange Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Brown Leggings: Faith21
Denim Jacket: Torrid
Bronze Wedges: Franco Sarto (Off Broadway Shoes)
Bracelets and Sunglasses: Torrid
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear

Lo Quiero Ahora: Dorothy Perkins

So late last night I decided I wanted to peruse Dorothy Perkins for some tops.. but instead...

I found a few dresses I would love to add to my closet...

Rise Cream Lace Vest Dress

Charcoal broderie dress

Khaki stripe border dress

Paisley tier jersey maxi dress (REALLY REALLY want this maxi)


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