Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DOTD: Just A Hint… of Purple

Hola Divas…
Last night I decided it would be best if I figured out what I wanted to wear rather then scramble in the morning and make poor decisions. I guess I now need to remind myself to also include shoes in my outfit choice because this morning I just could not make a decision. I tried and tried and all my black shoes looked the same. I finally had to rely on my daughter, Yaz, to help me pick a shoe to complete my look. I mean can you just imagine me standing over my shoes with a dazed look on my face… yeah… you can imagine it… can’t you?!

Today was almost a #fail because for most of the day I only had on half of my makeup and I forgot my ring so you couldn’t see the purple I tried to incorporate… but now the look is complete in the photos. I put on my makeup during my lunch and I added the ring when I came home to take the photos. If you’re wondering why I even added the purple at all… it’s because so many of us divas wear red/white/black… I felt like adding the purple would kick it up a notch. I really like this skirt… it really made me feel all sucked in… I also have it in black and can’t wait to wear that one soon with a review item I recently received for the holiday season.

Well… I have to get to my part-time… so I guess I have to end it here… What did you wear today? Do you sometimes feel like you are constantly repeating the same looks? I do… What do you do to spruce yourself up to the next level?


What I Wore Today:
Black Cami: Forever21+
Flower Blazer: Curve Appeal Consignment
Red Skirt: Wet Seal Plus 
Tights: Assets by Spanx (Target)
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Bangles: Lane Bryant/Ashley Stewart
Ring/Earrings: beauty supply
necklaces: Wal-mart

DOTD: Execution #FAIL

Hola Divas…
Ever have an idea that you can see clearly in your head… and then when you actually put it together… it doesn’t quite come together. I wore this outfit and although it’s not TERRIBLE in pictures… I’m just not happy with it. I really wanted the tights to be darker but I didn’t have any dark gray/charcoal tights. I also had these tights and wanted to wear them but never could seem to find the outfit to wear them with. Well, I think I should have waited a little longer. lol

Well, I’m exhausted as I’ve just walked in from my part-time. So I will bid you a good night and ask…. When was your last “execution #fail”? What were you wearing and what do you wish you could change about it?


What I Executed Poorly Today:
Sweater Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf: Five Below
Denim Jacket:
Tights: Kmart 
Earrings: beauty supply

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DOTD: Strangers Don’t Choose My Fashion

Hola Divas:
I dress for me… I say this as a prelude to a bit of a rant. Yes, I am plus sized. Yes, I have thick thighs and a chubby middle and humungous boobs. But I am me and how I dress is a choice I make for myself everyday. I don’t dress for anyone else other than Yoli. I don’t care if you eyeball me and give me nasty looks because that is you feeling badly about yourself. Don’t hate me because I love my reflection and who I am from head to toe. Women in 2011/2012 need to do better. Seriously, if someone is better dressed than you, you do NOT have permission to then stare and give said person the “stomach virus face”. If I run across someone who is better dressed than myself (yes… it does happen) I usually go out of my way to let them know I like their outfit, shoes, hair or whatever. Why? Because my mama raised me right… Today I wore a mini-skirt (I had originally planned to wear this outfit yesterday but I seriously didn’t get out of bed until like 4pm) and I got so much hate while perusing my local Dutch Amish Market. Especially when one of the women was old enough to be my Grandmother. I seriously wanted to walk over to her and say “Bish, you know better!!!” but I didn’t. My hubby was like a kid in a candy store (literally) because they had so much great food and sweets available. I think he is going to “catch the ‘betes” (diabetes) after he eats all the goodies we bought.

Anyway… I had plans to record a video for Thanksgiving and that never happened. I ate too much and really don’t care. And now I’m just trying to do my best to enjoy these days off. How was your Thanksgiving? Have you done any “Black Friday” shopping? If so, what did you buy? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore Today:
Lace Print Top: Alloy 
Black Cami: Forever21+
Pink Mini: Wet Seal plus 
Tights: Assets by Spanx (Target)
Blazer: Mom’s closet
Bangles: Ashley Stewart/Lane Bryant 
Over-the-knee Boots: Torrid
Earrings/Ring: beauty supply

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping Fun (Codes & Links)

I love to shop… and as I mentioned in a previous post… I can’t quite shop to the level I did in previous years. But I know many of my readers will be shopping and I want you to shop and do so at a serious discount. Below are the codes I received via email. Let me know via comments what you bought… I would love to live through your purchases.

Clothing/Fashion & More:
Ashley Stewart -

Kiyonna -

  • Now through Wednesday (11/30/01) 30% off all orders of $150 or more. Coupon code: PIE

Torrid -

Target -

Alloy -

    • Everything on Sale + Free Shipping with code 25AFFNA.
    • Everything on Sale + 15% off! Code 15AFFNA.
    • Everything on Sale + Take $20 Off ANY Order Over $75 with code 75AFFNA.
    • Free Shipping on All Orders! Use Code CYFS.
    • 20% Off ANY Order with code CY2.
    • All Jeans: Buy One Get One 50% off!
    • All Sweaters up to 50% off
    • All Boots - Up to 30% off.
    • All Dresses - Up to 50% off.
    • All Outerwear: Up to 40% off.


Shoe Metro -

  • Shoe Metro is offering some of the deepest discounts available this holiday season with Free Ground Shipping PLUS 30% some of the most popular brands! Don't miss your opportunity to promote savings of 30% off the featured brands listed below with code BFSHOES! Hurry, Sale ends Sunday 11/27! Order Now and Receive Free Ground Shipping exclusively at ShoeMetro.com!!

Steve Madden -

Shiekh Shoes -


Ebonyline (hair & wigs) -

  • Take 15% off $30 or more purchases (does not include Clearance). Use Code: ebony15

Big Buddha -

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Santa Baby–Lo Quiero Ahora: Old Navy

Hola Divas,
Okay, it’s that wonderful time of year again when I inundate you with the items that I find on the web that I love and need in my life and would seriously want for

‘Christmas. Although I am working (2 jobs) I am still not able to shop like I was in previous years, so I will again be living vicariously through you. I will also let you know about any coupon codes I get via email so maybe you can buy the items that are catching my attention or anything you find while browsing the sites.

So I swung by the Old Navy website because I am seriously on the hunt for sweater dresses for this fall and winter as I am just loving the tights and leggings in my wardrobe lately. I have a few but I really want some new ones (especially if I can find them in some fun colors). So below you will find my favorite pieces from Old Navy. I will put the coupon code for today (which ends in moments) but I will later update the post with the Black Friday Coupon Code… Happy Shopping!! ~besitos~

Cowl-neck Sweater Dress in Burgundy


Asymmetrical Sweater Vest


Tiebelt Denim Skirts (think this is adorable)


Sequined Leopard print Cami
~you know how I feel about leopard print~


Lace Trim Batwing Sleeve Top

PROMO: Starts 11/25: Black Friday Sale! Everything's on sale at OldNavy.com. Hurry ends 11/28!
Start Date:
11/25/2011 12:00 AM ET
End Date: 11/28/2011 11:59 PM ET
Shop eGiftcards at OldNavy.com

Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOTD: Purple is STILL my BIACH!!!

Hola Divas…
I love purple… I’m sure that is not surprise to anyone who has visited my blog more than once. So yesterday I wore an outfit that I had worn for only a few hours earlier in the week. When I wore it earlier, I didn’t have an opportunity to blog it nor did anyone see me in it. So I decided to wear it Friday to work so that I could truly enjoy wearing it. I did tweak the outfit a bit for Friday’s reveal by wearing my new (FREE) snakeskin shoedazzle wedges. I earned these shoes from my readers purchases and my own purchases. These shoes are CRAZY HIGH… but super sexy. I love them so so much (even if I did almost break my neck on multiple occasions yesterday).

I love these purple jeans and they are probably my favorite purchase of my adult life. I really want to purchase another pair because I know these pair won’t last forever. I just don’t know where to begin to look. *le sigh*

Well, I hope you like this outfit… What did you wear this past Friday? Did you love your outfit? Do you wish you could tweak your outfit and re-wear it? Let me know in comments… Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore On Friday:
Striped Blazer: Torrid
Black Cami: Wal-mart
Purple Jeans: shesgotcurves
Snakeskin wedges: Shoedazzle (Talitha)
Earrings/Ring: beauty supply

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