Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DOTD: Feeling so very Fetch

Mean Girls quote:
Gretchen: That is so fetch!
Regina: Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

So I was listening to the remix of  Whip Yo Hair which includes Nicki Minaj and she said fetch in her rap and I totally cracked up. So I realized... fetch can happen because that is how I feel today... FETCH

This weekend was full of so many awesome outfits but after all the eating I endured... let's be honest, I was too lazy to pose for a single picture except the ones I posed for with my friends dancing on Friday. Other than that... if you didn't see me... you missed some great fashion.

Also, I saw on twitter from my friend @Amanda_Allison said "Did you know 80% of people wear just 20% of their wardrobe?" So I am going to do my best to wear a bit more of my wardrobe. Because I am seriously guilty of wearing my favorite pieces, over and over again. So I am going to stretch this stuff out. So today I am wearing my ASOS dress that I got months ago and never wore.  I wanted to really make the people in the office look twice (because there is like no life in the fashion here). I'm not SCURRED... are you?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: ASOS Curve
Tights: Silkies
Booties: Alloy
Necklace: Wal-Mart

**Please note... I have no idea what facial expressions I was trying to make here**


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Size Appeal: Get the Hellie Out of Here

The kind folks of Size Appeal offered to send me something for me to review. After much deliberation I found this great brown and teal top that I thought would be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. If you type in teal into my blog you will find all the outfits I’ve done in the teal/brown color scheme. Its amazing I don’t consider teal my favorite color because I own so much of it. In varying shades. Anyway, I instantly fell in love with this top. In the photo they have the model wearing a cami under the top and I figured I could find something to layer underneath once I received it. Imagine my surprise when they sent a brown tube along with the top to make it easier to wear this great piece. Note: this top does not come with the under tank. You can check this item out here: Hellie in Brown & Turquoise

Best things about this top:

  1. The colors
  2. The buttons on the hip
  3. The folds at the neck

Not so great:

  1. The thin-ness (if I didn’t have anything underneath, you could possibly see my bra)

All in all, I really liked the look. It gave me a polished look without much work. Today my plan was to look really laid back and relaxed but I think the adding of the stilettos dressed it up a bit. But I’ve been wanting to wear these shoes again and haven’t had the right outfit. So to finish out the top I added my go-to skinny jeans, my turquoise stilettos, and some matching accessories. I originally was not wearing trouser socks with my heels but its COLD outside…

IMG_0029 IMG_0020IMG_0017        IMG_0025  IMG_0027 IMG_0028

I can honestly say that with the size appeal pieces that I’ve purchased and this item that I received that I have been generally pleased with what I’ve tried out. Its not expensive but its just the kind of pieces you can add to your wardrobe to step it up a notch. Its those trendy plus size pieces you don’t want to spend hundreds on for the trend to change 3 months later. They give you trendiness you can afford at the time when the item is on trend. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DOTD: Giving thanks through hard work

I’m exhausted. I've been working hard today. I wanted to leave early but in order to do that, I needed to complete 8 hours of work in 6 hours. Needless to say… I feel like I’ve been in a fight. But as we head into Thanksgiving, I realize that I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while.

Giving thanks for:

  1. My family – they drive me nuts. But I know that at the end of the day I won’t come home to an empty house. And my kids are always glad to see me (can’t always say the same for hubby… lol)
  2. My health – I’m exhausted, but I woke up this morning and was able to walk out of my house. Not everyone was blessed with this privilege today.
  3. My job – I won’t get a check for a little while. But I do know that in the near future, I will be a little more comfortable.
  4. Great friends – this Thankgiving and Christmas will be a little bit better because of the friends in my life.
  5. My blog – because of this blog. I stayed sane when I was unemployed, and I’ve met some super people who I hope will be around for some time to come.

What are you thankful for this year?

Outfit Breakdown:

Sleeveless Turtleneck: Newport News

Skirt: JcPenney

Boots: Aerosoles

Jacket: Dots

Earrings: Beauty Supply

IMG_0026IMG_0021IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sizes to Fit Review: Diamonds Fall-ing from the sky

This sweater-like tunic was sent to me from the kinds folks at Sizes to Fit. When it arrived, I kept putting off wearing it as I again was being hindered by my own ridiculous fear. I thought it would look silly on my lumps and bumps. But after I put it on with these leggings to have a moving around outfit (I have a lot to do today) I realized this was just the thing I needed. If you’d like this great tunic in your wardrobe for fall… get it here: Diamond Shape Front Print Tunic

Best things about this tunic:

  1. The length
  2. The colors (navy, silver, black… makes it versatile with multiple pieces)
  3. The band around the back (not sure why that was really appealing to me… but it is) 
  4. The silver diamond shapes… seriously… super cute!!!

I finished off the look with my over the knee boots… and I was instantly a huge fan of the possibilities of this tunic. The fall wind is a bit nippy today so I added my crop denim jacket. Once I slapped on my 80s inspired huge silver earrings, I felt as though this outfit was complete. I love the end result… What do you think?

 IMG_0007IMG_0081  IMG_0046 IMG_0024  IMG_0108IMG_0041       

I don’t know if you've checked out the Sizes to Fit website but is is a great place to get affordable & trendy plus size clothing. As you know I just went back to work and all of their pieces are in my price range. I also love that they update their site weekly if not more often. Even time I visit Sizes to Fit I am pleased to find another piece I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe. Have you purchased anything from them yet? Well here is an incentive: 10% off our entire purchase if you use code DDT1210. Use it for yourself or maybe get something for someone special for the holidays.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DOTD: Tuckered out

2 straight days of meetings. Yesterday I wore a purple button down shirt, black cami underneath, and a black & white skirt. I completed the look with black hosiery and my purple stilettos. When it was all said and done I left home too late for pictures, and was completely whipped when I got home. Not to mention I arrived home to a house with no electricity… so I just came home (after 9pm) and got into bed because I knew I would be in meetings all day again today.

So here is today’s outfit, I just took the pictures a minutes ago so you can see my complete exhaustion if you look closely. I have to admit… I really am starting to LOVE the color olive… its such a beautiful under appreciated color.

If you’re looking closely and you’re thinking the shoes I’m wearing are the ShoeDazzle shoes that broke and devastated me, you’re right. But I have a FABULOUS shoe repair guy(s) and they made that shoe better than it was before.

Outfit Breakdown:

Sweater: Loop18 

Skinny Jeans: Torrid

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Earrings: Beauty Supply


 IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0015

Monday, November 15, 2010

DOTD: Living my life like I read The Secret

This morning I’m in a great mood. I can’t explain why. I just am. Yesterday, while driving I saw this guy that I had seen the day before and I thought to myself, why am I so aware of this man? He’s not handsome (at least not my usual type that I notice) and there is nothing really all that noticeable about his features… yet I realized I had seen him the day before no where near where we were. So at the light, I paid closer attention and I realized why he was so memorable. He was riding his bike… with a gianormous smile on his face. No iPod in his ear, no Bluetooth either… just a man on his bike… smiling. As he began to pedal again I also realized his shirt was blowing in the breeze and with the happiness of FREEDOM written on his face… how could you not remember him? Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve gotten some slack lately about how I mention people telling me how nice I look or going out of their way to speak to me. I don’t exaggerate. I have no cause to but I do put out into the universe what I want back. I smile at people and say hello when I have no other cause to. I stop and ask an older woman if she needs help with her bags when it appears she is having trouble. I give up my seat in doctors offices for the elderly. I just generally try to bring people good feelings and vibes to those around me. When I call any customer service… I try to make a joke so that they know although I may have trouble with my service… it is not their fault and I know they are doing the best they can.

Am I perfect? By no means, I have bad days just like the rest of you… but I find that if you wake up and accept you really are in control of how your day turns out… your bad days will be far and few between. I think the reason complete strangers talk to me and say the things they do is this… they know just in one glance I will not give them attitude or nastiness if they speak to me. They know that if they start a conversation… I will gladly continue talking to them because anything less would be rude. So here is a test for my readers. If you think I’m full of bull and you think I’m making this up. I want you to spend this week, smiling at everyone you meet. If you don’t get the same reaction… come back to this post and let me know. Because if that is not the cause for the love I receive, I would certainly like to know what it is that draws people in. Below… you will find the questions I answered on my Formspring this weekend… and of course my outfit for the day…

Q: Why do you always write in your post that random people flag you down to compliment you on what you are wearing? I feel like you are always over exaggerating...

A: I'm not over exaggerating... I say these things because I want people to know size is not why people are ignored... when you where the outfit and the outfit doesn't wear you... people take notice!

Q: You are alway throwing yourself a pity party on twitter and on your blog. Why do you do that? Example: losing following, not getting comments on post. It makes me want to stop following you...seriously...

A: Not a pity party. It’s a fact that I love each and every follower and when I lose one I feel as though I've let someone down. As for the comments... I don't intend to ask for something I am not doing. I realized I wasn't commenting so now I comment on others blogs and try and let it happen naturally... Sorry if you are not happy with me or my comments... I am honest and have no filter... sorry if that annoys you...

Q: why do you wear a wig? What does your real hair look like?

A: My hair is natural under the wig. I cut it off after the birth of my youngest daughter because it was so brittle and dry and the hormones had a bad effect on my hair. Then about a year ago I had cervical cancer... and that also did a number on my hair. I am just getting to a point where I can start getting it straightened (no more chemicals). I couldn't afford it unemployed, but it will be a priority now that I am gainfully employed.

Q: I think it is bold of you (in a good way) to post the good and bad questions. That really shows your honesty.

A: Thank you... as a blogger, I could be a liar or could avoid the hard questions. But if you know me... that is not my style... thanks again for the compliment.

Q: Talking about your sex life with your husband on your blog is gross. Do you really think your followers want to read about it?

A: Wth?!!! I said "doing what married people do" only once... really? We're all adults here. Well, at least I am.


What I’m wearing today:
Sweater: Torrid
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Pantyhose: JMS
Nude stilettos: Steve Madden Caryssa
Earrings: Beauty Supply

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DOTW: With only mustard… thanks

I guess this week’s version of Divas of the Week is based on my Monday post. I love mustard and I wanted to highlight some ladies who wore mustard recently. I can’t honestly say they were all this week because I haven’t done this in a few weeks…  but I wanted to be sure to do this post before I forgot… (yes my memory is that bad)
Fullscreen capture 972010 122210 AM.bmp
My friend Jennifer from Stop!! You’re Broke wore a mustard sweater with brown pieces which I instantly loved. I think that the brown fishnets really really kick it up a notch… madly in love with her take on some of these pieces… Don’t you just love it?!!!

Here is my friend Kameel of Mrs Hall In Training and after I wore my eshakti dress I started thinking what other colors I could wear with the dress. And fuchsia was the first color that jumped into my head. Now that I’ve seen it on someone else… I’m certain I want to try my dress with fuchsia. Doesn’t she look fabulous?!!

Here is Karla wearing a mustard colored shirt… I love the scarf that was added to this rather simple but totally trendy look. I love her site: Karla’s Closet. Her style is so effortless sometimes and it just gives me a bar I want to reach in the plus size community. I want to inspire others like I’m sure she does to many people… Doesn’t this make you want to add more mustard to your closet…

Here is CeCe from LoveBrownSugar who is rocking this mustard top with folded bf jeans which in itself is super hot in my book… but when you add the shoes… it kicks it up to super crazy trendy fabulous!!! Are you as jealous of this outfit as I am?!!!

I know I normally include 5 divas each week… but I am like totally tired or something shiny has distracted me… who knows… Remember if you see someone totally fabulous during the week, let me know so I can get them included in next weeks post…
Let’s share the love divas ~besitos~

DOTN: Flash of Fuschia

I wore this outfit to go out with friends last night. I am “financially impaired” but free entry and free drinks (I know people) helps make the night out worth the gas I used. I also needed to feel pretty. I don’t know why… I had a pretty good week (fashionably and otherwise) but somehow I still felt the need to be FIERCE. Do you ever have days like that? Where nothing is particularly wrong but you still feel the need to feel fabulous like you feel an impending depression or something?

Any way… this outfit worked because as soon as I walked in a table of guys said “AY bonita Mamita” which loosely translates into hey there pretty lady. So I danced until I sweated out my brain matter. Then I drove home feeling awfully sleepy… no clue why… (insert old joke here)

Earlier in the day I wore my OTK gray boots from Torrid, a black tank, jeggings, and a black/gray cardigan. It wasn’t my diva outfit at least not in my opinion. But I got a few compliments, and a complete stranger was waving me down on the street. Sometimes its those completely effortless outfits that make people notice you more so than the ones you plan days and weeks in advance. What did you wear this weekend?

Outfit Breakdown:
Tunic/Tank combo: Size Appeal (exact item here)
Gray mini: Faith21 (Forever21+)
Tights: Silkies
Booties: ebay (seller: metronomestudios)
Earrings: Beauty Supply

  IMG_0022  IMG_0020

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DOTD: She Nailed Me!

First let me begin by thanking Luvvi who followed me officially and gave me my 1 follower back... lmao... priceless... and I love you for it.

Also, here is something that NEVER occured to me... that there are people who read my blog on a daily/weekly basis who don't "officially" follow my blog. Why that never dawned on me is a mystery... **please note this is why so many of my friends thing I'm a ditz**
I am sometimes soooooo slow on the uptake. I mean don't tell me a joke... it will take me a good 20 minutes to get the punchline.

So there is nothing spectacular to report in my life other than the fact that last night... I got my nails done... and cut them in half. If you've looked closely at any of my pictures while I've been unemployed, you would see that I was working with some pink & white claws. But yesterday I hit one on something and literally split my real nail in half... OUCH!!!!!!!!!! So much so that I kept whining during the repair and my nail Goddess, Mimi, told me to stop being such a big baby (its okay, me and Mimi have been in a commited nail relationship for 8 years... I started seeing her 12 years ago... cheated with other nail salons... and eventually realized no one in the WORLD is as good or as OCD as she is). She also told me that she wouldn't do this nail dance with me another time. That the only one who likes long nails on me is well... ME... and that I needed to cut them down or she was going to start charging me an aggravation fee for always breaking nails... in case you can't get it from this post... I love that lady... she's honest, great at what she does... and doesn't have any qualms about calling me on my BS... How can I not love that...
Also, her husband works there too... and he does my pedicures (which I haven't had one in almost a year due to finances) but he is hilarious because he always asks me as soon as he sees me... Deluxe pedicure? well for the last 8 months I've said... NO!! So last night, I tell this man that I got a job, and he rubs his hand together and says,  "finally... deluxe pedicure..." and cracks up laughing. I said not tonight you crazy man. He said, "fine... we'll wait until you get paid... but you NEED a DELUXE pedicure... almost a year no pedicure... you're going to make me earn my tip that day" He is freaking hilarious... little comedian... I told him with the pedicures he gives... he may have to live with my family so those foot massages can be on a daily basis... lol. So again I say... I love my nail salon. So if you're ever in the Glen Burnie area... swing on by Nail Club on Crain Hwy, ask for Mimi and tell her that Yolanda with the pink & whites sent you.

Well.... with all that said... here is what I wore today. I have yet another outfit with this vest. Listen to me ladies when I say that you can rework so many items in your closet if you take the time to be creative. I google ideas, and I WRITE THEM DOWN. So how would you wear this vest? And is there anything in my past posts you would like to see me rework? I originally wore this with stilettos, but soon after the photos decided that I've had my fill of super high stilettos this week... so I traded them in for my boots and I don't have any full body shots with the boots... sorry...

What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Asos Curve
Tights: Silkies
Stilettos: ebay (seller: bluke93)
Boots: gifted from my mother (but pretty sure they came from QVC)
Vest: City Chic
Earrings/Necklace: Beauty Supply


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