Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DOTD: WeLoveColors, Teal we die!!

So yesterday you may recall I said I wanted to wear my teal tights but I had no idea how to wear them. Well, I was watching TV and caught a glimpse of an outfit that was just right for wearing my tights. I have to admit. I feel great today with the makeup and tights and accessories. I think outfits like today during the winter... make this season a bit more bearable.

So I pulled out my WeLoveColors tights in teal, my Forever21+ black/white skirt, my black turtleneck & booties and made these outfit work. I really like how it turned out. I added a teal-esque eyeshadow look and necklace to bring it all together. I think this is far more outside of my box than last winter by many strides. What do you think?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DOTD: WeLoveColors... even if they are a shade off

Okay, so recently I ordered some WeLoveColors tights because I was hearing all the time about how great they were, but had no real knowledge if this were true. So I decided to try out some colors because I have all the black I could possibly need and I already had a few colors that I loved. So then the dilemna became... which colors to try. Yikes... for a color whore like myself that was going to be the hard part. So I ordered Teal, Mocha, and a pair of black fishnets (well come on... are you even surprised?)

So I love the teal... no idea what outfit I am going to wear it with... but it is going to debut very soon. And the fishnets... well... I have to wait until the office gets over this outfit before I wow them again.

So long story short... I decided that today being that the office is quiet and so many people are on vacation, I would wear my mocha and test them out with a dress that has been in the back of my closet since I bought it 2 summers ago. I think I've only worn this dress once... maybe twice... but only once comes to mind. So when I put the tights up next to the dress it seemed like a perfect match... atleast in the horrible lighting of my home. Well, this morning I wake up and get dressed and in the light on the balcony... these things look grey... not grey grey... but brown with grey undertones... YIKES!!!

I would have been terribly upset and would have instantly ripped them off if these darn tights didn't feel like butter against my skin. It would have taken the jaws of life to force me out of these things once in them. I could have gone down a size they are that comfortable. I am in all kinds of heaven... seriously... HEAVEN... so even though the color is off I am terribly pleased and plan to purchase more.

So to complete my dress & off color tight look, I put on my brown booties (which didn't zip up all the way as my feet are seriously swollen the size of watermelons... I know... I'm a mess today), and my brown SWAKdesigns Signature Cardigan. All in all... I still rather like the outfit. What do you think?

Hey if you look really closely:
You can see my pink-eye!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Giveaway CLOSED!!!!

YAY!!!! I finally hit 200 followers and can now begin my month of giveaways. I will giveaway one item each week for 4 weeks. The first giveaway will be from one of my favorite shops (as you may already know) Lucie Lu!!! She is allowing me to giveaway a $50 gift card to be used on the Lucie Lu website.
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Good luck, guys!

DOTD: Summertime memories

Today, I decided to pull something out of my closet that I haven’t worn since summertime… and try to put a winter spin on it. Since Christmas is gone, I want to play with more colors as I mentally prepare myself for spring (hey… don’t judge my winter denial)…

I will wish my readers a happy holiday, just in case you missed the youtube video I posted… so… belated Merry Christmas!!

I’m not going out this year for new years (seriously… no money left… but my kids are happy). I got a new ipod touch, so my youtube videos will be more frequent (I hope)

Anyway… on to the outfit (as you can see the holiday laziness has set in and I am completely lethargic)… I wore this torrid dress that you may recall from this post (see here) and put a white turtle neck (Curve Appeal Consignment) and white tights (Silkies) underneath to see how it would look… I don’t know how I feel about it. I matched my Forever21 Oxfords to the belt that came with the dress and threw on some large yellow hoops. I think I would have liked this better with a purple turtleneck & tights… What do you think?
IMG_0287 IMG_0222

Updated photo: I changed into purple tights... I like it better this way!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DOTD: Meeting my Destiny

So after yesterday… I feel there is not much to that could top that outfit… so I won’t even attempt to try. But what I will do is wear something that won’t give my client a heart attack as I have meetings today. So I decided to wear something professional yet comfortable.

I know you’ve seen this ASOS Curve top around the blogosphere. I’ve seen in on atleast 4 blogs so far and it’s probably on like 10 more. But I love the shade and I wanted to wear it with a color that I hadn’t seen yet. It seems most other bloggers wore it with black, I decided to go completely crazy and wear it with brown (I know the difference is astounding *sarcasm* lol). I know it still mimics other outfits you’ve seen so I decided to really kick it up a notch and wear it with brown sparkly tights. I got them at Kmart and I love them. If it weren’t the last pair, I would have gotten like 12 pair.

Okay so for like over a year, I have been looking for the perfect brown skirt. Everytime I bought one, it either didn’t work with certain pieces or it was too big, or it was too long. There never seemed to be a brown skirt that did what I needed it to accomplish. So on Black Friday I started perusing websites trying to again find the PERFECT BROWN SKIRT. I saw this skirt on Kiyonna’s website… I thought (as the angels sang in the background) “There is my skirt”. Couldn’t afford it at the time but I made a declaration that when I got paid, that skirt would be my first purchase. I kept my promise… It arrived yesterday, I steamed it this morning… and Viola!!! on the blog. For the record, I love this skirt even more than I thought I would. The material is stretchy but not to much so. Its fitting, but not tight. The satin sash makes it different but I can use the belt loops for an actual belt if I so choose too. Needless to say, they need to make this skirt in every color on the rainbow.

So here is the completed look… gold earrings and my brown wedge knee high boots from Aerosoles completed this look. I like how it turned out… what do you think?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DOTD: Dotting the Eye

So as I mentioned on twitter yesterday, I was going to wear my City Chic Pin Spot Blazer. I'm wearing it to work today and I realized something today... people aren't ready for me. I think so many people have this misconceived notion that all plus sized women are poorly dressed, sloppy, and just plan miserable. They have no idea how to deal with a plus sized woman who smiles all day and is generally happy with her size and the clothes contained in her closet. I love it because it has caused a many a “skinny chick” to step up her game and not be outdone by a plus sized woman… who according to myths… can never find anything in her size.

What this fashion blog has done for my closet isn’t nothing short of amazing. Because of this blog, and the fear of repeating anything and boring people to death… I try to mix pieces in new and creative ways. Also, trying to use things inter-seasonally (yep… just made that word up… I think) and showing that you don’t always have to wear it as originally designed.

Now today’s outfit was centered on a blazer I wanted to wear while still have a sort of holiday vibe to it (hence the over usage of red). It’s from City Chic as I mentioned above. It has a read lining which also makes the red additions all that much more workable. It’s a stretchy blazer which I love. I also love the crown pin on the lapel ( I am QueenDiva so this pin is perfectly fitting). I decided to finish the look with my faux wrap top from Curve Appeal with a lace cami underneath, heart fishnet tights from Torrid, my red velvet booties found on ebay and my ASOS Curve Bodycon Pencil Skirt. My accessories were my ornament earrings that jingle when I walk, and my big silver necklace. I feel super sexy today and this outfit is seriously getting looks ( I will assume everyone likes the look as most the faces I see are of shock).

So if I were to give this blazer a grade it would be: A- (it would be an A+ if the button wasn’t already too loose to keep the jacket closed)

What do you think?


Monday, December 20, 2010

DOTD: Livin' La Vida Loca

Before I get started on today’s outfit, I wanted to take a moment and plea for you to spread the word that when I reach 200 followers, I plan on doing a series of giveaways. I want to do at least 3 giveaways, but I will possibly do more if the response is great. I wanted to do them before the New Year, but it hasn’t worked out thus far. What I need is for those of you who don’t “officially” follow via Google Friend Connect, to follow me so we can get ya’ll some swag!!! The first giveaway will be for Lucie Lu

Now onto the outfit…

This is going to be a seriously honest review (only kind I do). When I was given a choice for what to get this month, I decided to let the owner of Lucie Lu decide what to send me. In the past her choosing something has always worked. When I made that decision, I hoped and prayed it was NOT going to be the Vida Dress in Periwinkle… I hated the dress. I hated it on the mannequin, hated it out of the box, and hated it on the hanger. When it arrived, I told hubby… “I’m not wearing it. I hate it. Its ugly” (yes… I really am this much of a spoiled brat in my house)
He said… “Let me see”. Expecting him to agree emphatically, I showed him the dress. He looks at the dress and looks at me, and then asks… “Did you try it on?”
I said… “No, it’s ugly”…
So he said… “Maybe you should try it on before you hate it so much.”
So I tried it on, still hating the dress. Because let’s be honest… at that point I had built up this hatred so high it was no coming down from it. He took one look at the dress and said. “I like it, its different. I like how one side is different from the other. I like how the front kinda scoops. And I love the length.” (I think hubby was trying to say some of my stuff is too short… yeah… soo not focusing on that one). Then he continued “And I think you could have fun with it. Add a belt and stuff that you add and make it look really great.”
It was at that moment, I saw the dress for what it really was. A formula dress: A dress I could throw on and really make it what I wanted it to be… then slowly, the hatred subsided. But not before I decided I was going to wear this dress with a blazer a belt, leggings… I was really going to try to hide the dress. Now… fast forward to this morning… I LOVE the dress, and the thought of covering the dress bothers me terribly…

Why I love the Vida Dress:
  1. The material: although thin… its super comfortable and like wearing pajamas
  2. The color: I thought when I saw periwinkle it would be more on the purple side, but it’s closer to a blue which is perfect because I could do so many great color combinations with this dress.
  3. The length: I agree with hubby… It hits me in a pretty great place on the leg…
  4. The sleeve: Seriously… I really really like the ruffle sleeve now. I can’t explain why… I just do.

Now the waist has elastic in it which I think makes it perfect to add a belt. I added my navy bow belt from Torrid and I think it makes this already girly look even more girly. I threw on some navy tights and my 80s inspired navy earrings to continue the contrasting blue theme and some black velvet booties. For a dress that I was so conditioned to hate… I think I look pretty slammin’.

So here is my advice to everyone out there. Don’t judge a dress, shirt, skirt or outfit by the hanger or mannequin. Put it on your curves and check if it’s for you. In the case of these online retailers, check the blogs… 6 times out of 10… someone somewhere has reviewed it. 

Now onto the great news!!! If you like this look… or any Lucie Lu look I’ve ever done… Please please please stop by today and take advantage of her site wide online sale. 25% off everything on her site!!! If you make a purchase, let me know what you got J


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, my love

Today is Hubby’s birthday… So I decided that in honor of his special day, I would do a collage of photos of him… showing the many faces of this special man

The man:


100_0606     100_1215 

 IMG_0015-1 100_1217 

100_0753 100_1219   100_1141 


The husband:




The father:

100_0645  100_0633


The friend:



The Comedian

IMG_1233 100_2416  100_2415

I realized while searching through photos that I don’t have a picture of my wedding. I don’t know what happened to them… :( I think they were in the laptop that crashed… dang nabbit… but nonetheless… he’s a wonderful man… and I’m glad I am spending another year as his wife :)

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