Monday, December 30, 2013

DOTD: Blue Lightning

Hola Divas…
Today I wanted to wear an outfit that I had planned long before my holiday vacation. I wanted to go back to work with a bang… a flash of lighting… blue lightning. So I decided to wear this great dress I got from Gwynnie Bee. I’m wearing this Three Dots Hi Lo Wrap Dress. I was going to wear Forever 21+ cobalt cami, that is until I got this Black/Cobalt Lace Tank Top also from Gwynnie Bee and realized it was too short to wear with my jeans and blazer as I had originally hoped. I really love how this turned out however, these pictures don’t do it justice. I wish I had taken the time to take the photos in the daylight earlier so you can really see how awesome this dress is.

When you have a little more junk in the trunk… you appreciate a dress that hangs longer in the back so that the wrap of the dress isn’t compromised. I went with simple makeup today. I was running late and didn’t feel like doing a whole over the top face. I hope to get up earlier tomorrow to bring my A++ makeup game… I will also make a better attempt at taking my photos during day hours. I’m so proud of myself at actually posting a post that is A) not in a bathroom and B) not a Polyvore outfit idea. Hopefully there will be more posts (with better quality photos) in the future. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see what I’m doing on a moment by moment play by play…  And if I don’t post tomorrow (even though I really hope I will) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

PC300022 PC300021  


What I Was Wearing Back To Work After Vacation:
Black Hi Lo Wrap Dress: Three Dots via Gwynnie Bee
Black/Cobalt Lace Tank Top: Karen Kane via Gwynnie Bee
Tights: Assets by Spanx via Target
Blue Wedge Booties: LolaShotique (last year)
Earrings: Beauty Supply

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shoeday Saturday: Like a Hole in the Head

Hola Divas…
Today I posted a video of my shoe closet(s) to Instagram, and I can honestly say that it is finally apparent to me… that I have a problem. I apparently am incapable of NOT buying shoes. I have so many that it looks like I own a shoe store. I do know that there will be a purge/funeral of a few pairs in the near future… but ultimately… I have too many shoes. I can say that I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in the head.

With that said, it will not stop me from perusing the internet for additional shoes that catch my fancy… Below find a few that are touching my soul currently…


Bakers Shoes SPYGLASS $119.95

Recently I had to say goodbye to my only pair of black snakeskin pumps. And that was the hardest thing I had to do. But then I came across these lovelies. I wanted them so badly… unfortunately… they no longer come in my size. No reason someone else can’t buy them and make wonderful outfits together.

Anne Klein SARAFINA $44.99

Recently a coworker and I were having a discussion about the end of the navy shoe. How that no matter where or how long you look, you can’t find them. Its as though all navy blue pumps disappeared along with VHS videotapes. I know what you’re thinking, there are tons of blue shoes everywhere… and you would be correct. I can throw a dart and hit a cobalt blue pump easy… but dark navy pumps have died out somehow. Remember when you’re mom would say “Always have a brown, black, and navy pump to go with most any outfit”. I know that by today’s fashion standards, that no longer applies. But when I want to wear a navy shoe… then gosh dangit I want NAVY. This is the only one I could find that didn’t make me feel like orthopedic shoes were right around the corner…

LolaShoetique MISS MIMOSA $31.99

When I see that a shoes color is multi… I get so excited. There is something awesome about being able to wear a shoe with multiple different outfits and making it look effortless. Like the shoe above. I could wear with yellow, green, pink, orange, and blue. If I wanted the shoes to shine and own the spotlight, I could wear all black and let the shoes do all the talking. Which is why it saddens me that this shoe is not in my size… but if it were… oh the possibilities….

I know this was shorter than my normal shoe posts… but I have to take baby steps to get back on that blogging wagon. If there are any shoes you would like me to post next week, let me know.  Until  next time (Hasta la proxima) ~besitos~

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DOTD: Merry Holidays

Hola Divas...
Today is Christmas so I would first like to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

The weeks leading up to this day have been some kind of stressful. The plans I had made were changed dramatically when my dollars wouldn't add up. I really thought my kids were going to have to learn the hard lesson of not getting anything after this hard year. I had sat them down and explained that Santa is not real and we work hard for everything we get. I didn't get the much needed raise I was promised at work & hubby wasn't working... and the "rob Peter to pay Paul" payment system I had been using lately, came crashing down on me all at once. But God is good and I had some friends help out with gifts for my kids and my parents got the one thing they asked for that I couldn't afford. Needless to say... Today they are exceedingly happy... and their happiness makes me ecstatic.

Below you will see the outfit I wore just to hang with hubby's family. Nothing fancy but it was in holiday colors and super comfortable. What did your Holiday consist of? Did you dress up or keep it casual? Was your family having hard times as well this Christmas season? I hope to hear from you in the comments. I know I haven't been the best at blogging... but my motivation is back and you will see more of me. Not just outfits but everything that brings me joy. Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

What I Wore Today:
Red cami: Forever 21+
Black top: Target
Green corduroy: Alloy
Leopard booties & leopard watch: Shoedazzle
Hello Kitty Glasses: Beauty supply

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Party Casual Glitz

Hola Divas...
As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches I am trying to keep myself busy and entertained. Well, thankfully I have a party to attend this weekend since we are not having a holiday party at my office. It will give me an opportunity to wear this awesome gold/black skirt I got from Mynt 1792 via Gwynnie Bee.  I can't wait to wear this outfit. Of course, I may have to tweak some pieces but I hope all of it comes together as it is in my head. I also have a killer dress I want to wear on date night with my hubby but I must first find somewhere to wear it. So many outfits... not enough places to wear them... lol

What are you doing this holiday season? Are you wearing any outfits that you are excited about? Do you have multiple events you are attending? Give me all the details... I must live vicariously through you!!! Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

Holiday Party Casual Glitz

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