Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shop Size 12! Shoes in YOUR size!!!

You may recall a while back I went to a trunk show and wrote an article on about a shoe store ownwer in Maryland who offered proroducts be fashionable divas who wore above a size 10...
Read the article here... My Size 12 Trunk shoe show at Metamorphosis Boutique

Now the day has come that many of my readers have been waiting... she has an online store. I'm happy to be the first Fatshion blogger to let everyone know about this... so what are you waiting for?

Shop Size 12!

My favorite pair from the website...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diva Spotlight: Wedding Day Divas!!!

As you know from my previous post... I attended a wedding... so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the fabulous plus size diva's in attendance...

The main and most plus sized diva of the night was the bride... Doesn't she look spectacular? Her name is Isis and she just looked amazing!!

Next up is the one of her bridesmaids who is also a dear friend of mine... Kadiatu... isn't she gorgeous here with her hubby?

Now below is my friends Oly (who I dressed for the wedding) and my friend Tonya. I loved how everytime I pulled up my camera that Tonya like instantly posed... I don't have one single bad shot of that girl... FABULOUS
 Now a moment to focus on my "client", Oly... I have to tell this story. During our quest for the perfect dress she kept telling me what would and would not look good on her. I tried to explain to her how that curve hugging dress would make her look fuller on top and would hide her problem areas... she wanted to hear none of that... so we went on the hunt for a "safe" dress. While she was in the dressing room and I was off pulling my hair out and looking for a "safe" dress that would adhere to her RULES... she goes to the return rack and sees this champagne colored dress (a color I had told her previously would accent her fabulous burgundy Jimmy Choos). She said... she pulled it off the rack so that when I returned she could show me just how bad she would look in something that hugs the curves. When I returned I heard her wimper "Yolanda"... I panicked... thinking omg... what's wrong. Nothing was wrong... she just couldn't believe how sexy and  beautiful she felt in the dress. So she "technically" found her dress... but using the rules I told her but only because she wanted to prove to me how wrong I was... hmmmm do you hear that... that is the universe confirming I know what I'm talking about... doesn't she look great?!! Don't doubt my fashion abilities... its my superpower!!

Now here is all of us together (minus the bride & Kadi)

Oh... and not to leave my date for the evening out... here is hubby!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lucie Lu Review: Perfect Wedding Attire

This past weekend was a rollercoaster ride. But the BEST part of this weekend was the wedding I attended on Saturday… It was a plus-size friendly wedding so there were lots of plus sized beautifully fashionable women. I will do a post later on all the lovely ladies. But I first must keep this blog running… so a moment to show you how one of my sponsors dressed me for the event.

Now I was going to originally wear the dress that I wore in this post… Strangers Kill Spiders for Me

But once I tried on this dress I immediately fell in love with it. Then after my coral/olive fascination I felt that this dress with olive accessories would be smokin’… I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this look…

The dress is the Margeaux dress in Autumn (I thought it was called Paprika when I originally purchased it but the name doesn’t change the fabulousness of the dress). I love this color. I love the material (even though I did get a stain and a snag on the dress which may mean I can’t wear it again… I’m not sure). But I have another one I love and I can’t wait to wear that one soon. They are available in 4 lovely colors and if you use the coupon code: LUCKY4 it will give you a discount (on this dress only).


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outfit Ideas: First Date

Outfit Ideas: First Date - Baltimore Glen Burnie Fashion

Please check out the link to my article on ideas of how to make an impression on a first date. I wrote this article based on some emails from readers... I hope this is useful information for any of my single readers...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding Fashion Inspiration Everywhere #5: 7 days

Whenever I want to get mellow I listen to the same song over and over on repeat. Its so hot this song and I can't get enough of it.

This video made me want to desparately wear a fedora. The problem is everytime I tried and lookied in the mirror, I felt like I was trying too hard. But I said... what is fashion if not an opportunity to try new things.

So I wasn't going to do a post. But yesterdays outfit made me so happy. For a moment I forgot that its been almost a week that I've had this migraine. The relief is temprorary and I then returns to show me that I am not in control of the pain. The last time this happened, I ended up in the hospital for a week. I have a feeling all these bad things are happening to me because something really good is going to happen soon... Please let that be the reason...

on to the outfit..

Outfit Breakdown:
Yellow tank: Dots
Gray tank: Wal-mart
Gray vest: Faith21 (Forever 21)
Skirt: Faith21
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Wal-mart
Fedora: Target (men's section)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vote for ME! In the "Flaunt Your Loop 18 Fashion Photo Contest"

Facebook Loop 18's Photos - Vote now! Flaunt Your Loop 18 Fashion Photo Contest

Okay wonderful followers of this blog. I am super excited about something and if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you know what this is about. I am one of 8 top finalist in the Flaunt Your Loop 18 Photo Contest. Wondering what this is about... well this is where you love, loyalty, and support come into play. I need you to go to the Loop 18 Facebook Page and click "LIKE" then I need you to click my photo/link above and below my photo click the word "LIKE".

As you know Loop 18 is intended for a younger audience but I wear some pieces to show you can be trendy without looking like you're trying to relive your youth. Well, becuase of the complexity needed for voting... people keep voting in the wrong place... and I am getting the tar beat out of me by kids probably not old enough to vote (no offense to my younger audience but you'll understand when you start to get wrinkles in your knees). So I and asking  begging  pleading my case so that I can win and be able to purchase something new that is fun...

I figure if just 15 of my wonderful followers vote (who have not already voted) I have a serious chance of winning this thing... so what do you say? Do I have you vote?

Sidenote: My apologies again to the people who read my blog who don't always comment. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read little bits of me and I love you for all you do and all your support...

Second sidenote: Did all my drama on this blog over-shadow my giveaway... Please sign up for my GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My apologies to my loyal readers!!

Today has been an emotional day. It started out so well and has painfully gone downhill. I had an interview via phone that I think went well and hope leads to a job. I also had complete strangers come up to me and ask me about my leggings. I seriously made ASOS some money today… but the point of this post is related to them so I will get to it…

I am sorry… to my readers. I am trying my best to be a moral blogger and to make my fashion life real to my readers. But the problem is that I am living large chucks out of what should be said. Aside from the spider post, I have been lazy with my posts. Why? Because when I ask questions in my posts, no one ever answers the questions. I just get “great dress”, “looking good”, and other such comments. The compliments are appreciated but I noticed that if I asked a question that no one would answer the question. So I realized that people were looking at the pictures because its easiest and fastest way to browse a blog, leave a comment and then I assume move on to another blog. As I know I am not the only fatshion blogger out there, I try to make the outfits speak for themselves as that is the heart of my blog. Now some of my friends on bbm and twitter knew how deep in depression I had fallen recently. I did not leave my bed for days and my husband actually said the words, “you’re scaring me”. So he and my mom did something to pull me together. Now will I say that purchasing leggings made me feel better? No. I suffer from a condition that requires medication that I cannot afford because I no longer have medical insurance so I am taking it sporadically. But their concern and their consequent bride made me get myself slightly together and scrub off all the sad feelings. Now anything you buy from overseas usually costs a million dollars but due to free US Shipping and a code I felt those leggings were worth getting.

Now, Jessie made a valid point. I was shopping about a month or so ago like I was still employed but all that changed and I began selling some pieces from my closet (including… gasp… shoes!!!)
This has been a growth period for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I will shop to keep the demons at bay… but it’s a temporary fix. And usually I could work around it to the next paycheck, but now that doesn’t exist… so I had to put on my big girl panties and stop being so selfish. I’m proud of my growth and restraint during this time. I hadn’t completely stopped until recently, but I realized that I have more than enough items in my closet to keep me sustained until I start another job.

I believe you are also the person who made a donation to my blog and with that I could understand why you would be angry. Again, I apologize if you thought I was taking said donation to the nearest store to shop. I am not. All money is given to hubby who combines it to pay subsequent bills, the leggings were a gift. I will return the donation to you if that is what you would like. I would never ever want you to feel you helped someone who did not deserve your heartfelt contribution. I appreciate your loyalty to my blog and I pray you continue to read my blog. My readers mean everything to me, and even when I lose one… its like losing a long lost friend.


This Giveaway is closed!!

As most of you know, I’ve wanted to do a giveaway for quite some time. But with finances as they are I have been unable. But luckily for me the great people of CSN stores sent an e-mail the other day asking if I'd like to review a product or host a giveaway. My first thought was "Share with my followers," so I'm hosting the giveaway. What can you get? A $65 gift certificate! (Gift certificate does not include shipping costs. However, a lot of items in stores do offer free shipping).

CSN stores have a ton of items, like bed sets (which reminds me, my daughters want me to hunt down a pink bunk set to be hopefully be purchased by Gamma1), home office furniture, luggage and SHOES (can you guess where I’ve spent the last hour browsing?). Honestly, they have 20o+ stores ... it would take you days to completely see all the items they have available! You just need to go and check it out for yourself.

1Gamma = Grandma. That is what my kids call my mother.

See… I found a bed for the girls…

And an excellent pair clogs that will rock in the fall/winter – and there are size 11s available… oh happy day.

How to enter Giveaway:

My Blog (1 entry - Must follow my blog via Google Connect)
1) Comment this post with your Name, Email, all the entries you completed, and  “What you like most about my blog”

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1) Post this giveaway on your blog.

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This contest will end on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 11:59pm (EST) and is open to US & Canadian entrants only. Sorry! All entries must be in by then. The winner will be announced shortly after that.

Good luck, guys!

DOTD: Trendy Superhero

In a few of my most recent posts my outfits have not been what I originally planned my outfit to be.  I would plan it out during the evening and then in the morning it would either not work or not be anything I would wear. Today was another of those days. I was going to wear a Torrid denim zipper dress with these crochet footless tights… believe me when I say… it looked a horrific mess… the holes in the tights had fat going through and made it look like I had bubbles coming through. That was not going to be sexy or cute on anyone’s style-dar. So I regrouped.

Now I should also mention that I am the kind of person who has to wear her new clothes the instant she gets them and I have been trying to avoid that. So yesterday I received my ASOS Curve lace panel leggings and although I wanted to wait on wearing them… they were sitting on my dresser as I had not put them away… so it was easy access. Now I want to take a moment here and thank the good  people of ASOS for allowing they’re US customers free shipping, because if not for that, I would not have been able to get these amazing leggings. Now the next thing was trying to decide what to wear with it. So I tried my pink ASOS t-shirt dress and then the shoe thing was a problem. So I traded it for my white t-shirt dress and then that made me think of zebra booties… so that is how I came to wear this outfit… this outfit makes me feel super duper trendy… Like a Trendy SuperHero… I’m here to save the world from untrendiness… okay corny but it sounded cute in my head…

Outfit Breakdown:
T-shirt Dress: ASOS Curve
Lace Panel Leggings: ASOS Curve
Lace-back Vest: Sizes to Fit
Zebra Booties: ShoeDazzle
Bangles: Torrid & Lane Bryant
Red Ring & Earrings: Beauty Supply

What do you think?
(by the way... did you notice my pop of color is my ring?)


Monday, September 20, 2010

DOTD: Strangers Kill Spiders For Me

Before I jump into the pictures of my outfit from today, I wanted to give a piece of myself and my home life. I pray I don’t bore you to death.

Last night, hubby and I discussed our finances and I could see that he was stressed out. So we did something we hadn’t done in a while. We came up with a “in a worst case scenario plan” why that is important is because if that has to kick into gear, my blog will go away. Internet is a luxury and we won’t be able to afford it, so pray for us. After we discussed that we realized we had both been stressed trying not to discuss what was bothering us each so much. After that we now know that we will survive.

After we discussed our finances, we watched Date Night which we had received from Netflix (which we also may have to give up which would mean the kids would spend their days staring at each other and fighting – oh joy). So we watched the movie and there is a point where the wife says "Dammit, why don't you ever close any drawers? You never, never ever close any drawers you open, never!" and as I’m laughing… hubby turns to me and says… “Why are you laughing? That’s you!!” What? He goes on to say I never close any drawers I open… WHATEVA!! Then this morning as I am getting ready I turn back to look into my closet. Every drawer I had opened was still gapping open… dude I laughed from a seriously healthy place. But you do realize I will never admit this to hubby that he was right? I mean, what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t keep all husbands in the universe thinking that they’re wives are always right. I could start famine or another world war… no one wants that type of calamity…

Now onto the ride go school… on my way to dropping Yaz off at school I look out my window and see this horrific looking spider… and freak out!!!! But then I realize that its outside… thank goodness… but this spider is smart, it ducks behind my rain guard and shields itself from high speed wind. Well, after yelling at one of the mothers (from the safety of my car) about how she doesn’t know proper Kiss & Drop etiquette I completely forgot about the spider, so when I got to the light before my home and opened my window to throw out gum… the spider came back to the forefront of my mind… I panicked… wondering where it was. Then I saw it climbing up the inside of my window. Out of fear I opened my SUV door and drove to the nearest man I could find… I screamed come quick to some poor construction worker and made him kill the spider (yeah… I love all living creatures except for rats, roaches, spiders, snakes, and okay who am I kidding… any freaking insect… it is mind numbing fear here people). Okay, so now all the construction workers smile and laugh when they see me… I don’t care. I’m just glad I am still cute enough to get strangers to kill things for me.

Okay… I felt this story needed to be told… and reading it now… it makes me chuckle. My life isn’t as boring as I think it is… is it?

Now onto the outfit, it was going to be a review because it was provided by the great owner of Lucie Lu but after telling my story I think the dress speaks for itself… it screams Fall but also says… I’m a woman come kill a spider for me…

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Lucie Lu (Sicily Dress - $68.00)
Belt: ???????
Lime Green Shoes: Metrostyle
Lime Green Earrings: Beauty Supply or Dots
What do you think?


Sunday, September 19, 2010

DOTW: Falling for your style

Now that the weather is starting to cool down and things are beginning to look rather crisp and the leaves are falling from the trees, other bloggers are bringing out their great fall pieces and playing with them.... and for that I am happy because it has given me some great ideas on looks I want to try...

First up is Anika from Sweetfaced Style blog. If you're a blogger you've probably been contacted by her to be a interviewed on her blog. I love her style and since she makes so much of her clothing, it makes it that much more awesome. Well, in my love for leopard, olive and wedges... are you even surprised she made it on my list this week?

Next up on my list is the ever amazing Beth from Pretty in Plus. I loved this the moment I saw it. The first time she wore it I was in love and enamored with the way she created this from on of her hubby's old tees. I think that to take something so ordinary and turn it so fab... LOVE IT!!!

The days you dress up is amazing for self esteem. But its even better when people notice and give you a thumbs up. I gave my friend Court from Loving  the Reflection a thumbs up when I saw her on the day she dressed up for completion of some training. I especially love the print of the dress and all the accessories she combined go complete her look...

The next pick is because I loved the boots, the hat, and the general simpleness of her look but how it still looks so trendy and fatshionable. That and the fat that her clothing/shoe collection kills me. If you haven't checked out Cesilia from Style Remixx... today is the day for you to find some inspiration from this fabulous fashionable diva... I could and would wear this entire outfit...

Now that I'm onto my final Diva of the week... it is because she and the diva before her are most like outfits I would replicate... My most favorite part about her outfit is that she threw on the red jacket... how could you not love that amazing pop of color? Jules of Boom Boom Pow is giving me a punch in the gut of fabulous trendy fashion.

Are there any fashionable divas you felt deserved to be on this list? If so, leave the link to their fabulous self in my comments...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

DOTD: Almost Famous

I wore this outfit today because I DESPARATELY needed to feel sexy since I am not in Sin City with my blogger sisters... such great sadness... so I am pretending I am famous in these pics... a famous super sexy model...
Hey... a girl can dream

Outfit Breakdown:
Fuschia Tank: Wal-mart
Lace Front Tank: Loop18
Bodycon skirt: Faith21
Tights: Silkies
Jacket: Torrid
Boots: ebay (seller: metronomestudios)

P.S. Doesn't that first picture look slighty naughty?

my boots (which I love)

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