Friday, July 30, 2010

She's Got Curves Review: Marble Glam

The Dress: Ruffle Mini Tube Dress - unknown (not on website yet)

The Review: When the owner of She’s Got Curves sent me a picture of this dress, I started making assumptions of how I was going to wear it. I told her I was going to wear it without leggings and she kept saying things like you may want to wear with leggings or capris… I was oblivious. I got the dress yesterday in the mail and decided today I would wear it. So this morning after my shower, I put on my undergarments… and with much excitement I put on the dress. And I immediately burst into laughter….

This dress for someone my height (5’8”) has to wear this dress with a bottom. I could see ALL my goodies. Now for my shorter fashionable sisters, you may be able to carry this dress off as an actual dress. As for me, I grabbed my Nine West Skimmers and when I looked in the mirror, I see it wasn’t a bad decision. I threw on my Newport News wedge sneakers and took some pictures.

The dress came with a belt but I felt that with the look I was trying to achieve that belt was not necessary. If I were going out for a night out, I would wear this with a pair of leggings and stilettos and then add the belt. But as for a great day puttering around with the kids, the belt was not necessary. It’s stretchy and the material is great and flowy. I can’t even tell you how much of a staple this dress/top will become in my closet. I love it. I also know how I’m going to wear this in the fall.

I did not try this dress without a bra because let’s be real… it wasn’t going to work. I got mine in a size 3X and I LOVE the way it felt. Only part of this day is over, and I got compliments already from neighbors and strangers. You know you should buy this dress and outdo my look.

I don’t currently have a coupon code, but I will contact the owner to see if she has one for my readers. She is now listed in my list of sponsors on the right panel.

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from She's Got Curves yet?!! If not, what are you waiting for?!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DOTD: Having Faith While Looping Around

So yesterday... I wore a little Faith21 and one of my first pieces by Loop 18. Okay.... I loved how it turned out but I can't get enough of these capris... I mean seriously, You've only maybe seen me in capri leggings (I think) but these are my only pair of capris besides my romper. Did I mention how much I love them. I wanted to review them. But all I can say is... Love them, stretchy, and AMAZING...

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank - Lane Bryant
Purple & Aqua Striped Top - Faith21
Denim Capris - Loop 18
Shoes -  Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)
Ring & Earrings - Flea Market

What do you think?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baltimore Sun: Where for art thou my plus size sisters?

Baltimore Sun: Where for art thou my plus size sisters?

Please go to this article and post a comment so they know the seriousness of this issue... whether you live in baltimore or not!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding Fashion Inspiration Everywhere #3: Modern vs Vintage

So I have been perusing the internet looking for great fashion inspiration and it’s killing me because I can't really be fashionable in this heat. But I find that a lot of the great looks that I find are not particularly in my size. So, today I looked on the Luckymag site and found this great outfit and wanted to re-create it with my own spin.

So here is the outfit I came up with, I love it because I already have those great cuff capris from Loop 18 and then I found these fabulous pieces from PlusSizeFix….

At some point, I hope to be able to get some pieces to make this look a reality…

What do you think?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Opening Review: Loop 18

Check out my review of the Loop 18 clothing line (Lane Bryant Junior Plus Line):

Friday, July 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner...

Keeping it sweet and simple...

The winner is...

Maria of  Texas Love, Life and Fashion

Maria, I will be emailing you for your address so I can send you your win!!! Can't wait to see it in a blog post!!!

Thanks everyone who participated!!!!

DOTD: Ghost

Now I'm gone in your photograph
I bet you wish you could get me back
Now I'm stuck in your memory
A mistaken identity
    ~part of lyrics from "Ghost" by Fefe Dobson

I love the music of Fefe Dobson. And her new song is no different. So since I pulled a disappearing act (as far as outfits are concerned) I felt that his song was perfect. I feel like I am a ghost in my own blog. I can't seem to find my... place... so from that I have writer's block. I hope you bear with me as I get my mojo back. I feel it coming back as we speak. Today's outfit was so comfortable because its still hot at home but it had that gray & black stipes with my pop of purple. Did purple eyes and purple earrings.... I really like the finished look...

Outfit Breakdown:
Vest: Faith21
Tank: Wal-Mart
Black & Grey Striped Skirt: New York & Company
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Beauty Supply

What do you think of this outfit?!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Dresses #1

I decided to finally do a Lo Quiero Ahora post and I wanted to do dresses. If you know me, you know I love dresses and skirts. And I can't get enough of them. So this post will have multiple parts, of this I am sure. So I am doing this first installment today. I am also aware that with no income coming in on my part, these items will most likely remain on my wish list. But I am hoping that I may inspire someone else to purchase something fierce and to have fun with. What's on your wish list... and why?

  1.  CoCo in Green Multi - This dress speaks to me because I currently don't have a rich green dress in my closet and it will definately step up the color I have available to me currently. Also, it is a maxi which I love... and can't get enough of lately. (Curvy Girl Clothing)
  2. Belted Ruched Open Shoulder Party Dress - As many times as I have visited this site, it surprised me that I never noticed this dress before so I am now pleasantly happy I found it. I love the ideas that came to mind when I found it in red. Oh the colors I could wear it with. (She's Got Curves)
  3. Ruffle Spot Minnie Dress - Okay, you know I love dots. I really really love polka dots. It is a look I avoided so long and now I want to wear all the time. This dress is so cute and dotted, and I can't even tell you how hot it would look with my red, fuschia, or purple belt. I must have this dress. (City Chic
  4. Multicolored Peacock Maxi Dress - I always forget to check this site. And it bothers me because as soon as a few days have passed, I will see someone else wearing something they found on the site but forgot to mention. So this dress is calling my name. I love it, need it, want it. (Jens Fashionplus)
  5. Anastasia Interchangeable Wrap Dress - I have wanted a convertible dress for AGES... and this one is finally in my price bracket (well, it would be if I were making my previous salary). After seeing it on Stiletto Siren, I am more sure than ever that I want this dress... *sigh* a girl can dream. (SWAK Designs)
  6. Striped-Bust Halter Pinup Dress - I love classics: Classic pieces; classic movies; classic makeup; anything classic. So this dress is no different. It is reminiscent of the 40s which draws my attention right away. Then you add the direction of the stripes and I'm sold. I would add a pop of color somewhere, doesn't matter, I still need this dress in my life. (Torrid)
  7. Chiffon Long Ruffle Dress - I posted this pic on Facebook a few days ago and I got some likes which shows me the look of this is appealing to only me. I am loving how this dress is made of Chiffon but is ruffle in a way that is not overpowering. I also love love love yellow and gray together. So... this dress is a winner. (Sizes to Fit)
  8. Turquoise Jewel Detail Maxi Dress - this final dress isn't my pick. I was the maxi my hubby picked. He loved the coloring and thinks I would look pretty sexy in it... So how could I not add it to my wish list. I have to admit... Hubby has excellent taste. (Yours Clothing)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out my box: Sandy Corals

Doing a little something outside of my norm... but pleasing some of the "haters" of my colorful looks.



From the horses mouth: Miss Curve 2011

I just wanted to get this out there so you know what guides me and why this is so important to me...


Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's Got Curves Review: Maxi-ng My Comfort Zone

Recently the awesome owner of She's Got Curves sent me those fabulous red shoes, and in the box with those shoes was a blue maxi dress. Now here is where I get brutally honest. When I took it out of the box, I made an assumption that I wouldn’t like this dress. But I had promised to do a review and so I knew one day that I would have to wear it. It was really thin… and I thought it would end up being shorter than I like my Maxi dresses.

The Dress: Maxi Tube Dress - $22.99 (that’s the actual price!!!)

The Review: Now this review was a testament about not judging a item buy the view on a hanger or out of a box. So today, I knew it would be seriously hot and I needed to be able to be comfortable. What day was better than today, to wear a thin dress. It was so hot I didn’t even wear makeup. That should tell you were my comfort was. So I pulled out this dress, with my whole mind made up to hate it. Then... I didn’t hate it, not at all.

Its super stretchy and it came all the way down to hit the top of my foot. So the initial too short thought was a mile off. It fit fine, and the thin material wasn’t see through, it was airy and on a day like today, it was perfect.

I did not try this dress without a bra because let’s be real… it wasn’t going to work. As you can see I have stretched the hell out of the top, but that is because I’m super top heavy (44F) and most others won’t fit like that on the top. Mine was a size 3X and I like the way it felt. I also noticed I got some approving looks from the opposite sex, so I now know that my initial thoughts were seriously off base. So if you were thinking this dress what up your alley, now you see how it looks on me… subtract some bra cup size, and you may see how it looks on you. I fully recommend this dress now.

I wanted to remind you all that the owner of She’s Got Curves is offering my awesome readers a coupon code: Queendiva for 10% off your entire order at She’s Got Curves!

Please note: The dress looks wet in spots because of the lighting and because I took these photos while I was cooking dinner for the family. It was more polished looking during the day.

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet?!! If not, what are you waiting for?!!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Giveaway is closed!!

YAY!! The owner of Sizes to Fit sent a dress to me and to be honest, I wanted to keep it for myself. But my lady friends (boobies) were too big for this delectable fashion find (seriously it has pockets). So I asked if I could then use it to host a giveaway to my great readers. I took pictures of the dress with Yaz holding it up for me, so it wouldn’t be all limp as it would be hanging on a hanger. Now for the rules…

Main Entry is you must be a follower via Google and comment below with your email address saying you want this dress and how you would wear it.

Extra entries:
1. Subscribe to my page. In your comment include the email address you used for this subscription
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog, post link to post in your comment
3. Like my Facebook Fan Page and post on your Facebook page (linking back to @Diva In Deep Thought)
4. Follow me on Twitter and then tweet “I am following @deepqueendiva and her giveaway from Sizes to Fit for a leopard dress”

Please use one comment for all your entries... thank you!!!

Giveaway will end on July 22, 2010 at 11:59pm EST

Item up for Giveaway
Animal Buster Dress (Black)
Style #: 0027842
Size: 3X

Why I want this: Miss Curve Competition

I done all that I can do, I don’t want to use this post to ask you to vote for me, again. I want to explain to you why I want this so badly.

A long time ago, in my twenties, I decided I wanted to be a model. I tried connecting with companies and everyone wanted money up front and I had no money to give as a single parent. Now I am married and I have found the competition that could make my dreams come true. I love blogging. I really do. But I’ve wanted to be a model/actress for years. And this would gain the that GIANT step in the right direction. It could be viewed as vanity, I get that… but that is not what this is for me. This is my entry into the fashion entry at the ground level. I love writing about fashion, but this could earn me the opportunity to try on the fashions if only for the 3 minutes to walk to the end of the runway.

Now here is where it gets difficult, I know some of my followers are also followers of my fellow blogger friend Tabayag. Well, you don’t have to pick or choose, I found out that you can vote for more than one person per day. So you do have to pick one or the other. You can vote for both of us. I know this could mean that she could very well beat me if people know this. But I realized something speaking to a friend, that at the end of the day I have to be true to myself. And if I mean what I say about being about supporting others and loving everyone in the blogging community, then I should help her as well. You can go to her blog and her link is there.

To vote for me:

P.S. Sorry... completely unrelated. I will be posting a giveaway later.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please Vote for Me: Miss Curve Competition 2011

All my lovely readers,
Please take a moment to vote for me for Miss Curve 2011. I need to be in the top 10 to make it to the  next round. I appreciate all your support. Also, if you are able to help with my trip to Las Vegas, NV please click the Donate button on my panel. Again, I appreciate any help you can offer in order to aid in my ability to make it to #1.


Dress Me Up: Healed by Fat Nurse

Okay... aren't you tired of me creating this new stuff I do on my blog... well this happened today by accident. I couldn't figure out what to wear today... and I asked on Facebook what I should wear. Well, Devon of Fat Nurse said I should wear my purple skinny jeans with a baggy tee... So this is how I put my spin on what she wanted... *smiles*

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: unknown
Tank Vest: Faith21
Purple Skinny Jeans: She's Got Curves
Shoes: Payless
Ring: Torrid
Earrings: Claire's

Faith 21 review: Playing Dressing Room Barbie Doll

So I went to Forever21 in Towson Town Center, that is where the best Faith21 location is located in Maryland. I know there are others but this one is the cleanest I've seen and has the largest selection of clothing. I have been waiting a while to complete this Dressing Room review. I've said I would do it and then would lose my nerve. Then this past Saturday while out shopping with a friend, I decided now was as good a time as any.

Warning: Picture Heavy!!!!

Here is how I began my day:
Dress: Marshall's
Tank: Newport News
Flip Flops: Payless
Earrings: Beauty Supply

First I tried on this hot pink dress... It was great and an almost purchase, but I notices that possibly a few people have tried this on and and caused it to pucker and rip on the back. It would have been a great addition to nmy closet family had it been better made *sigh*

The next 2 items were great but after a day of trying on items I decided the skirt wasn't what I wanted... but now looking at the pictures... I wish I had gotten it... my friend gifted me the shirt...

Then I tried on this vest... (my tank & skirt from previous pics)... bought this of course (and a twin with a black & white pattern)

This dress... I loved how it felt on my skin... its super stretchy and comfortable... but I couldn't get past how I looked in it in the mirror... the reflection is the only thing that kept me out of this purchase.

Here are two items I tried on, didn't like how they looked but completely forgot to photograph them on my body...

Now the piece the moment i saw it on the hanger and had to have (thanks to my buddy)... yes... its perfect in every way...

btw... did you notice my gorgeous coach bag peaking at you in my pics... love that bag!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Pure Energy Review: Hitting the Target!!!

I know it sounds so cliché, but I it is perfect title for this review. I was strolling through Target and I decided that I would try out Pure Energy. Yes, I am unemployed and consequently broke… but I couldn’t be the only Pure Energy virgin. This purchase was seriously worth it because it made me so happy and comfortable. This may not be a completely fancy outfit… but it was so comfortable to just chill in. If the rest of their clothing is anything like this top… I am seeing my way to some additional pieces. I know this is not along the lines of my usual reviews. But I just wanted you to see how great it fits and how comfy I feel.

Rating:  ★★★★☆ (4 of 5 stars)

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Pure Energy (Target)
Tank: Old Navy
Leggings: Faith21
Shoes: Impo (Off Broadway Shoes)
Necklace: New York Street Fair
Bracelets: Torrid
Earrings: Wal-Mart

Excuse the hair... I seriously was already laying down when i ran out to just take these pics!!!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Yellow, Orange, Red Eyeshadow Tutorial

Here I go with yet another tutorial... also another surprise... no clue it would end up looking like this...

What do you think?


Supporting My Divas: Born to Kill with Fashion

OMG!!! Are you shocked to see another installment so soon? Good, I like keeping you on your toes. That and I want to really, really, pull the blogging community together. So as I suffer through the heat wave in Maryland and the fact that I don’t have any a/c in my home (aren’t you tired of hearing that?) I'm going to do what I can to keep my blog up to date. The last installment was super successful and popular, and I’m hoping the same this week.


Mz. B from Gold n’ Glitters is a diva of natural proportions. She has natural hair and loves makeup and fashion… can we say triple threat!!! So right now she is trying to revamp her blog and could use some comments. I think that it’s sad that the only reason I know about her blog is because she is my bff on twitter. I will be adding her to my blog roll. This will accomplish 2 things… it will make her blog more accessible and it will give her an audience for whom to update her blog *smiles* so check her out… and show her some love… RIGHT NOW!!!

Liz of Polka Dots and Rainbows… wait… that should be the name of my blog… just kidding… The title is what grabbed me… because I clearly love both. I mean polka dots are hot… and then you add a rainbow of colors… what’s not to love. Also, this blog is super cute. She takes advantage of the polyvore site and creates some amazing sets that have gotten my attention. Not to mention she does something similar to my posts where she gives blogger link love… and that is super important. So follow her already… don’t make me come over there!!!

The diva behind Fatshion Insider is Kellie B. She took a sabbatical but I am glad to see her back. Her latest post tells you of some pieces she purchased at a recent JcPenney sale and she plans to do OOTD post soon… I have to admit that I love what she is doing and she probably has the connections to be really huge but she is staying below the radar… so check her out and bring her to the front of the blogging community…

The next blogger needs no introduction… I love how she takes items she buys and cuts and modifies them until they are more to her liking… that is true diva-ness right there! Like how dare these designers think they got it right for ME!! So I love her blog for her sheer spunkiness and the fact that she’s super sweet. She also blogs for Skorch’s blog… so check her blog out (as I have no idea what is going on with the Skorch blog) and she is completely worth the time it takes to click: Sweetfaced Style

Jean!! Jean!! Hide your closet… because I am on my way to raid that baby!! Jean of  A Big Dose of my Reality On the Q Train has such cute style… and she is not hindered by short skirts or belts or anything… she is just serving up a heaping serving of GLAMA!!! I love it cause the patterns and the style is just what I want to add to my closet… so I am going to swing by NY and do some shopping in her closet… if she’s not home and I have to break in… does it mean I get everything for free?!! Check her out… she's amazing… btw… LOVE HER HAIR!!!!

Remember to show these ladies some love so they will keep it up... Feel free to add a link to check out below...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

She's Got Curves Review: Barney Kinda Love

"And remember, I love you!" ~Barney (the dinosaur)

I remember that about a little over a year ago, I was completely against skinny jeans. It took my husband convincing me that I would look as good (if not better) than any model working the skinny jean look. Since buying the first pair, I have thus become an addict.

I say all this to lead you into the review of one of the pair of skinny jeans I received from the owner of She’s Got Curves. She had a couple of pair but there was one pair that was calling my name and I knew that if they fit correctly, they would be my go to favorite from here on out.

Colors available: Black, Purple

The Review: Okay, I really need to start having some bad luck on some items or my readers will think my reviews are bought. But first, in order for me to hate these jeans they would have had to come apart and left me naked in order for me to hate them. Seriously, PURPLE SKINNY JEANS!!!

The material is super stretchy and left me with that wonderful jegging feel. I wore them on one of the few days when it was a nice 80 degrees outside so that I could enjoy them. I felt these fabulous jeans needed to be worn with something that wasn’t safe so I went with a black, green, purple combo… and I loved how it came out. At one point in the day, I had to run up the steps and I didn’t feel hindered at all. I also tried to “pretend” kick a friend in the head (yes, I can lift my leg that high) and they also didn’t hold me back during that action. During the later part of the day I did switch into my flats and they were the perfect length to wear with stilettos and with flats.

The only negative I found… was one pocket was sewed incorrectly so I couldn’t put my hand all the way down in the pocket. But I am not huge on pockets, so I didn’t mind that at all. Isn’t that what a great COACH bag is for?

Had to sync up the eyes (i know... too much matching)

So here is an incentive for you to grab a pair of these and possibly something else… the owner has given me the heads up for a 48 hour sale starting now and set to end Friday June 9th at noon. You will get 50% off using code: 48hour

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet, if so what did you buy?!! If not, WHY NOT?!!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fuschia and Teal Eyeshadow Tutorial

Today when I did this tutorial, I was afraid of the reactions I would get as I had quite a few errands to run. But I was stopped numerous times by people telling me how nice my make-up looked. So stepping out of my comfort zone... worked for me!!!

What do you think? Honest opinions please!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Supporting My Divas: Getting Back on Track

Lately, I've been saddened by the lack of respect other bloggers have for each other. I have also been plagued with a sense of underlying competition in the blogging community. I feel like there are people that will only support people on their blog rolls only if they are a lesser blog or in no way similar to their blogs. That is wrong, and I can say that there is no criterion for support on my blog. I have the longest blog roll around. I try to keep anyone who is updating regularly on my list. I haven’t been as adamant about that lately, but that is because I allowed myself to get a tad lazy with all the drama surrounding my life. But that is going to change. Starting today, I will do my best to keep up with the “Supporting My Divas” posts and trying to juggle the links on my blog roll monthly. What I found is that when I do for others, I in turn get more support because I’m not being a selfish blogger. And I feel better when the comments I get are not for me, but for someone else who is lessor known or just maybe needs their day made. I don’t know if that makes sense, or maybe I am still being selfish because I actually get happy vibes from helping someone else. But if I am selfish and my selfishness helps someone else… then I will continue to be selfish…

Now on to the blogs…

Dacia of Vu la-la is a new find but is not a new blog. She has been around quite some time and has a serious amount of followers, but that isn’t what made me follow her. When I found her… I saw that she does makeup and she does fashion. Now you can understand why that would appeal to me as she is focusing on the same things that that I do. I love all things shoes and clothing… but makeup I found is my creative outlet. I feel that Dacia has found that same passion for makeup. I think if you stop by this fabulous Latina’s site… you will become a quick fan.

ThickChic is a blog I found because she commented on another person’s blog. I found I like her as well… who knew there were so many bloggers who were sooooo good at makeup and fashion. So far it appears she just keeps you posted on her “hauls” and her after makeup looks. I would love to see some OOTD by this fabulous blogger. It appears she currently has 2 jobs and doesn’t have the time to steadily update her blog, but I know when she does have more time… the result of her blog will be amazing… follow her… so you know when she updates… no matter how infrequent it is *smiles*

Miss Moore only has ONE follower… WTF?!!! That must be rectified… NOW!!! I think that if she had more followers… she would update her blog, Fab and Fluffy, more frequently. I know for a fact that she is following quite a few blogs and maybe needs to know that someone other than this diva is giving a darn about what she has to say. I see great potential here people. Do you remember when no one was following your blog? Do remember how great it felt to see those numbers grow…. Shouldn’t Miss Moore have that same feeling? Come on… I have great faith in my readers… let’s see how powerful we can be with the power of our clicks. Follow Follow Follow!!!

Magda has a blog that I have been following for quite some time. It’s called Fashion Doesn’t Know Size, and I don’t understand one word that she says on her site. But the language of fashion is universal. So I follow to see her outfits… and I use Google translator to see her point. I think there is a bit of slang being used as not all words translate over… but I get the gist. I like what I see and for that…she deserves to get some more followers. I know that you will like what you see if you take a few moments to scope out what she is trying to put out there…

Carissa is the genius behind The Green Eyed Lady and I am impressed. I actually just found this blog today. And I felt it appealed to me in such a way that she had to be included today. I like her fashion… and I feel like when I was working, it was similar to what I would wear. But I especially like the way she incorporates her life into her blog. She has what it takes to make this blog and I want to be able to say that I had some part of getting her there… so… followers… get to following!!! You don’t want to say you don’t know who she is when her blog is famous and EVERYONE knows who she is… do you? *winks*

I hope you understand that my wanting to support these ladies above is out of the need to grow this blogging community and to hopefully make it tighter. I feel that something has been lost in translation along the way. I really don’t want to see anymore separatism within the plus-size or “regular” size blogging community. We all have something to say… and we are all going to put our own special spin on it… so isn’t there enough room for all of use to get some love?

Feel free to email me with other bloggers you want to show some love...
Feel free to check the links below and to add to the list if you so desire...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Style Spy: Plus-Size Rompers & Jumpers

Style Spy: Plus-Size Rompers & Jumpers#

Check out my article on
Feel free to comment what you think on the article. I love hearing your thoughts.

Diva Spotlight: FieryIrishAngel

So one of my dear friends who is slightly shy uploaded a few pics of herself to her facebook page. Well, you know I had to ping in and tell her those pictures had to be included in the Diva Spotlight... well, to my utter surprise... SHE SAID YES!!!

So without further jabbering by me... here is my friend Dani who is known as FieryIrishAngel (she really is an Angel)...

Doesn't she look darling?

Dress - Lane Bryant
Cardigan - Lane Bryant
Shoes - Nomi brand
Necklace - Target
Earrings - A shop in Dublin (Ireland)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer, NW20
BareMinerals Foundation, 1N Fairly Light
Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Matrix
MAC Eyeshadows: Sweetlust, Cranberry, Mulch, Humid (eyeliner)
CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick
NARS Pillow Talk lipgloss

You should be next!!! Send me an email for more information

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