Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DOTD: Watch Out Der Now!!!

Hola Divas...
Are you shocked? 2 posts in less than a week. I am trying my best to just get back into this as my life itself is such a cluttered mess. As I indicated in the previous post, all this traveling is for the birds. Don't get me wrong, I love the work I do. Its just that its hard and difficult when you have so many balls in the air... and financially things are difficult with all the travel as well. But I figure that if I put in the time, I will be rewarded and eventually everything will come together. Positive thinking... that's all I have to count on lately... lol

So this outfit I wore yesterday. I meant to blog last night but as I was traveling... I was too tired once I reached the hotel. So here is the outfit I wore and the pics I took in the Doctor's office before I left. HAHAHA!!! I know... I will take a picture anywhere...

So I don't know if you noticed on the previous post, but I've been partaking in Gwynnie Bee. Its like Netflix for clothes and I can't get enough. I as I am on a eating better kick. And just trying to lose some of this weight. Gwynnie Bee has been awesome. It's a way to wear clothes in different sizes and to not completely kill my bank account. And if I REALLY like something, I can always purchase it. Hubby loves it because of course I'm shopping less... and I love it because I can try styles I normally wouldn't it without the obligation of keeping it. Have you tried Gwynnie Bee? How do you like about the idea of clothes on loan? Would you love a way to be trendy without buying something you will only wear once? Well as always... Thanks for reading... Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

What I'm Wearing:
Bodycon Color Block Dress: Asos Curve (via Gwynnie Bee
Studded Peep Toe Heels: Shoedazzle
Cross Earrings: Beauty Supply


xoxo Kellz* said...



Ontheqtrain PJ said...

Love that dress!!

Joanna - ThePlusSizeBlog said...

The dress is so great :) And I like the shoes :)

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