Thursday, November 08, 2012

DOTD: Big Pink Bear

Hola Divas…
Today I was not in a good mood. I know you will think this is TMI… but I recently moved “cubicles” and now I’m surrounded by women and I swear our cycles all synchronized. So I’m bloated, crampy, and I’m getting the tar beat out of me at work. I still love my job, just a bit stressed is all. So I wasn’t in a good mood so I felt like a bear. So I posted on our IM system at work… Don’t poke the bear… a pink bear… but still a bear lol.

The highlight of my day… hubby showed up to my job with some apple cider and macaroni & cheese (yes… he gets me!!). And I came home to find that my banana powder had arrived… WOOO HOOOOO!!!! Now I can take some Nyquil (yeah… have a cold too). So I thought I would upload my look because I love these boots and this scarf with this look. You probably can’t tell in this picture but I have on floral tights as well. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to turn it around? Does packages arriving make you smile like they make me smile? Or is comfort food and wine your go to happy maker? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore While Being Grumpy:
Denim Crop Jacket: Torrid
Black Sweater Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Floral Tights: Assets (JCPenney)
Fuschia Scarf: Target 
Fuschia Slouch Boots: Shoedazzle 
Fuschia Leopard Earrings: flea market

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