Monday, January 21, 2013

Showing My Makeup Addiction Side…

So I realized lately that there are 2 things that wake me up in the morning. Shoes and makeup... and since I am so financially strapped since moving into the house and can't afford any more shoes... Makeup is how I get joy these days. Different looks, and colors with different lippies (occasionally).


Fashion still brings me joy but because nothing fits anymore and again I mention that I don't have any money... I can't buy anything that fits properly so I make do with what I have and its not anything I’m usually super excited to blog about... but there are those days where I am exceedingly proud of my makeup. So much so that I’ve tried to be consistent with my constant  Instagram-ing it... but maybe I can begin posting it here so that I can keep my blogging promise.

I don’t know if most of you are following me on instagram as well… but I thought I would show you my favorite beauty supplies that have me excited to do my makeup lately…

Now as for eyeshadow… I love MAC but I am not so concerned with always using top of the line eyeshadow. I am a firm believer that if you have on a great eyeshadow base, you can wear the cheapest eyeshadow in the world and no one would know who made the eyeshadow, because it would last all day… My eyeshadow base of choice is MAC Groundwork Paint pot

groundwork paint pot1

Like I said I love all types of eyeshadows but I do tend to to lean toward bright colors. I like MAC, Motives, Sugarpill, BH Cosmetics and Bitch Slap! but will use just about any brand as long as it doesn’t have too much shimmer. All that glitter seems to be too much for a woman my age. Ordered a new brand but I haven’t tried them yet… so I may update this post later.


These are my 2 favorite mascaras. I also like Maybelline Falsies and Great Lash Big. I do use other brands and play around to see which ones will give me the best definition. Benefit is probably the most I’ve paid for mascara for a while. But Maybelline and L'Oreal will work in a pinch for most looks.

benefit-badgal-liner-waterproof-extra-black2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As for liners I will use anything that is super dark and black. I have Ulta, Loreal, Badgal liner, and Kiss for my lower lash line. For my upper lash line I will sometimes use a pencil but usually I will use the Maybelline Gel Liner. I have tried other companies (not MACs Fluidline as of yet) but it is seriously my favorite.

MAC studio fixmac-well-defined-studio-sculpt-foundation

My foundations are usually the same all the time. I have the MAC Studio Sculpt and I have Makeup Forever HD foundation and that is usually all I use. I use studio fix as a powder set or Bare Escentuals. On the days that I don’t want to wear foundation I use BB Cream from Maybelline in Dark.

Buxom lips sarinalancome-juicy-tubes-ultra-shiny-lip-gloss-15ml-[1]

Now a days I usually tend to go with a nude lip because with my super bright eyeshadow looks… It looks best with a nude lip. But on the days when I don’t feel like doing a bold look for my eyes. I wear a bold lip. I am totally in love with Brazen Berry and Hot Plum from the New Maybelline Vivid Lip Collection.


Other must haves in my makeup closet (yes… it does take up almost the entire linen closet… but I digress)… here are the final products that wet my whistle when it comes to makeup.

banana powdernutmegcts-pl026ybf eyebrow

I love my banana and nutmeg powder for highlighting… makes my word go round as I get little rest and it hides my puffy eyes (most of the time). I also love my Coastal Scents concealer palette that I use to highlight my brow bone. And my ybf eyebrow pencil helps to complete my look. What do you do for your makeup routine? Are there any products that you would DIE if they discontinued? Do you use any of the products I mentioned above? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

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