Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I've stumbled onto Tumblr

Hola Divas...
I know I suck at this... I mean I keep saying I'm coming back and then I don't... but this time I am making more of an effort to keep you linked into my life. How? You may be asking... well... I created a Tumblr account. Which will allow me to upload pictures and things of my makeup, fashion, and shoes on a daily basis until I can get my lens fixed or purchase another one. Now that the weather is nicer I may just try to work around the horrible lens .. but who knows. Anyway... my tumblr name is similar to my blog name so that you will always be able to find me. divaindeepthought.tumblr.com is how you can stay up-to-date on my crazy life...

I know this post is short an sweet... but it was just to remind you that I'm still here... Love and miss all you!!!! hasta la proxima ~besitos~
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