Monday, February 03, 2014

Church Diva: Hear Me Roar!!!

Hola Divas…

So this weekend was a clustermuck (I really want to use a worst word there but this is a church outfit)!!!! The reasons why are so personal that I don’t even want to discuss here. But just know that I have been an emotional wreck. So much so that I have made a serious setback in my weightloss (stress eating is real!!!). So on Sunday morning I woke up with a determination that I haven’t had in a while and went to the gym and followed that by going to church. And let me tell you… it was just what the doctor ordered. Even though I was miserable most of my weekend, I was so refreshed after church that smiling while taking these pictures was a lot easier to do. I don’t have much else going on other than work and generally dealing with life trying to kick me in the arse every 15 minutes. But I am a lioness… hear me roar!!!

Do you stress eat? How high does your stress have to be before you start to stress eat? Are you able to steer back onto course after the stressful sitution has been fixed? Do you find (as I did) that you are stronger afterwards than you ever thought you could be? Well… back to the fashion. I really love this skirt which is another lovely gem from my friend at Boutique 115. I’ve been supporting her for years (even back when she was known as She’s Got Curves). And this skirt did not disappoint. I will be doing (this week) a write up on her store where you will all get a coupon code for her lovely boutique… so stay tuned!!!  Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


Praise Outfit Breakdown:

Black Cami: Just My Size
Sweater: Torrid
Skirt: Boutique 115
Scarf: Target
Shoes: Bakers Shoes
Earrings: Beauty Supply


P2020090  P2020071         P2020101    P2020088      P2020096

This was supposed to be my superhero pose… I think I just look constipated…

Here are some outakes that hubby had fun taking:

P2020092 Hubby said something so funny… don’t remember it though…

P2020093 He was checking the photos… so I started dancing because I’m a goofball… he caught me

P2020082I was really concentrating on fixing my earring, had no idea he had taken this one… lol

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