Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DOTD: Green With Guilt

Hola Divas…

Today I wore yet another great item from Kiyonna. This time it wasn’t so easy to find an item that I just had to have. Again I am on this “green” thing that I can’t explain. So I reached out to some co-workers and friends to decide which item I should choose. And we finally all agreed that if I didn’t pick the top pictured below, I was making a terrible mistake. Now that I’ve received it and worn it… I couldn’t agree more. This shirt made me feel super sexy and powerful all day. 

Now the one thing no one ever mentions about being a blogger is what is involved in order to get THE pictures. You are willing to withstand heat, rain, and freezing temperatures in order to showcase the outfit. So today in our 20 degree weather, I stood outside like a nut while hubby took my pictures. It is amazing I don’t have pneumonia. But… as my photographer… I am super pleased with how these pictures came out, hubby did a fantastic job. Not to mention, I am also planning how I will wear this top on its next go round out of my closet.

So now before I go onto the fashion I want to talk about some personal stuff. Our company (who will continue to remain nameless) was recently purchased by another much larger company (who will also remain nameless). In the process of us “combining” some people were let go. Some people who I was friends with and actually enjoyed to be around. So far, my job has been spared… but the empath in me has me feeling guilty. I am tryng to shake that feeling, but it is hard. So much harder then I could have ever thought. Anyway, I guess I am asking anyone who is reading this to answer me this… Have you ever worked for a company during layoffs? Were you spared? If so, how did you handle it? Did you feel guilty or were you just happy that you still kept your job? Did you try to help your former coworkers find future work? Anyway… back to fashion… I just needed to get that off my chest so that I wouldn’t explode. I literally broke out in hives over the whole situation. Well… hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore During The Drama:
Keira Kimono Sleeve Top: Kiyonna
black skirt: Asos Curve/ 2 layer tights: Torrid & Spanx/Necklace: Ily Couture/Earrings: Beauty Supply/Boots: Shoedazzle

P1290070   P1290054   P1290057 P1290058           


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