Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I am currently terribly bored waiting at the doctor's office. And I see/hear a young boy in the bathroom. As luck would have it, this is when the nurse came for him. He did not wash his hands. **ack** I'm thinking about some mutated version of the swine flu virus growing on his hands. I can not get sick. My diva hair, wardrobe, and accessories will not fair well along with a red running nose and drooping yellow eyes. They need to create masks that can color coordinate with outfits. Either that or bio-hazard jumpsuit that comes with a big belt & bell sleeves. lmao

Still waiting and there is hardly anyone left here. I'm bored and the book I've started to read isn't holding my attention. What is catching my eye is the office billing lady in her peep-toe shoes, long frosted blonde hair, and her size 2 frame. And how the other "normal" sized office staff look at her behind her back. As she is all decked out (as I would be) but her co-workers are all wearing scrubs. Now although I think a large potbelly sandwich should be in her future, you can't hate on her for getting up in the morning & actually giving a damn. Fashion makes everything nicer. Even the long wait at the doctor's office.
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