Thursday, March 29, 2012

DOTD: Colorblocking… Finally

Hola Divas…
I love Colorblocking. I sit on Pinterest as much time as I can and I can’t get enough of images of bloggers, models, and everyone in colorblocking pictures. And I think to myself that I would love to colorblock. I know you’re thinking that you’ve seen me colorblock. But there is always a piece that draws the colors together. A necklace, shoes, or earrings…always a piece that have both colors together so that I didn’t have to actually work so hard at the colorblocking.

I finally did it. I colorblocked and did so without a linking piece. I love red and teal and this morning I was so pressed to wear them together and I have to admit… I am in LOVE with how this turned out. I wore black basics to draw the pieces together but I am glad I colorblocked with 2 colors FINALLY…. now my next goal… to colorblock with 3 colors… hehe… I’m so proud of myself…. I’m also proud that I did 2 posts in one week.

Now to the honest part… I really wanted to wear this with a different pair of shoes but I couldn’t see me making it the entire day in any other shoes. I love these shoes because they are one of the few pair of heels that I own that can be walked in for more than 6 hours. I mean I can do these shoes almost all day no problem. I had to go see my son’s PO (who said that my son is doing amazingly) and I had to go and rip my leasing office a new one (seriously… everything bad that happens in this neighborhood is not my son’s fault… PERIOD)… but I digress… Today was long but productive and now (thank goodness) it’s almost over. I plan on posting this and then reading or being on Pinterest until I fall asleep. How was your day? Did you do anything eventful? Have you colorblocked yet? If so, how do you think it turned out? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

P.S. I just realized that I’m wearing almost all Forever21+


What I Wore While Blocking the Color:
Black Cami: Forever21+
Teal Lace Top: Forever21+
Red Skinnies: Forever21+
Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes
Ring: Charming Charlie
Earrings: beauty supply
Sunglasses: Flea Market

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