Sunday, March 04, 2012

MOTD: Your Help Is Needed

I love makeup… yes I do… And I realized recently that I love makeup and that I want to do it professionally. So now I have to send in a picture and a application to a makeup artistry program. But I am having the worst time figuring out which picture to send….

So this is where my wonderful readers come in… help me pick a picture… please?

1. IMG_0008 2. IMG_0012 

3.IMG_0016 4. IMG_0017

5. IMG_0020 6. IMG_0022

7. IMG_0023 8. IMG_0025

9.IMG_0026 10. IMG_0028

See why it is so hard? Not to mention I suck at decision making… And which closed eye picture should I send?



Pigelet25 said...

#1 or #5 Does it have to be one of these? you have some other amazing eye looks

Style4Curves said...

I like the 2nd picture on the 2nd row and I like the last closed eye look

Julia Smith said...

open eye (10) closed eye the one on the left.  I think I recall telling you to do this a long time ago!

Gabriella Cozza said...

This is kinda hard, lol, I love the makeup though and that flower is pretty! Hmm...I think I like #1 best because you can see the makeup well and the 2nd closed eye picture.  :)

♥ Principessa

Myderniercri said...

this is hard all of them are really cute but im thinking 8!

Ace said...

#7 and the first closed eye shot!

Hamler13 said...

#2 and the last pic on the right with your eyes close. These showcase your makeup the best without being blurred or the flash washing you out a bit. Good luck with your application!


I really like 9 alot and both of the eyes closed ones!!  Good luck with school!

Olivia (wait until the sunset) said...

oohhh i like the first picture and the second closed eye picture. But they all look awesome! :) x

Citypoodle said...

I like #1 from the top and first closed eye for makeup app.
#6 is the happiest one, but not the best for a makeup demo.
good luck with the makeup classes!

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