Monday, June 11, 2012

DOTD: Blue Leopard

Hola Divas…
Have you ever had an outfit that just speaks to you for days and you can’t clear it out until you wear it. This outfit is one of those for me… I fell in love with this outfit in my mind and even though my dress was bigger than I thought it would be… I still loved the outfit.

Now when I got to work the happiness of the outfit was almost ruined. How? Well, I work with a friend and although I value our friendship… she had become exceedingly more and more negative. And do be around someone who is that negative… is… well… exhausting. And today… during the meeting she tried to “imply” that I wasn’t doing my job well. I don’t hold grudges because that is who I am. But I feel that I am not being a good friend if I don’t tell this person that their attitude and demeanor is affecting our team. How should I mention to her that her tone is causing her to be left out of the “TEAM” environment? How do I do it in a way that she is not defensive? Do you have a co-worker that is also a friend? How do you deal with work “squabbles”? Hasta la proximas ~besitos~


What I Wore During A Difficult Situation:
Blue Wrap Dress: igigi (bought long ago)
Black cami: Wal-mart
Leopard Pumps: Target
Earrings: Wal-mart
Leopard Head Ring: flea market

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