Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Party Casual Glitz

Hola Divas...
As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches I am trying to keep myself busy and entertained. Well, thankfully I have a party to attend this weekend since we are not having a holiday party at my office. It will give me an opportunity to wear this awesome gold/black skirt I got from Mynt 1792 via Gwynnie Bee.  I can't wait to wear this outfit. Of course, I may have to tweak some pieces but I hope all of it comes together as it is in my head. I also have a killer dress I want to wear on date night with my hubby but I must first find somewhere to wear it. So many outfits... not enough places to wear them... lol

What are you doing this holiday season? Are you wearing any outfits that you are excited about? Do you have multiple events you are attending? Give me all the details... I must live vicariously through you!!! Hasta la proxima ~besitos~

Holiday Party Casual Glitz

1 comment:

lalaG said...

those shoes. LOVE

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