Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DOTD: Unable To Tebow With Lace Trimmings

So I tried something new on my last post and I feel like maybe it wasn’t the best time to be creative. So today I have returned to what is normal and expected of my blog. An outfit post, I have to admit that later I switched out the boots to a pair of moto-boots which I feel was a better look. Or maybe it was because it was so comfortable that my mind just felt it was a better look… lol

So while taking these pictures, I couldn’t seem to think of any new poses, so my hubby being the comedian that he is recommended that I do a Tebow. He said that other bloggers are doing it (apparently someone has been Googling images without a chaperone… lol) and that I should jump on the bandwagon. But anyone who knows me… knows that I don’t like to follow the leader… so… no matter how humorous my hubby’s suggestion was… I just couldn’t Tebow. Besides, how could I possibly in this lace print mini-skirt?

So how are you doing today? Were you off yesterday? Did you do anything to celebrate civil rights? (Actually… how would you celebrate that? A parade perhaps?) Are there any poses you won’t do because they’ve been “overdone”? (i.e., planking, tebowing, & etc). What do you think of today’s look? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore While Hubby Made Me Giggle:
Pink Lace Cami: Newport News
Lace Print Skirt: Wet Seal Plus 
Tights: Silkies
Black Top: Target (Pure Energy)
Lace Booties: Alloy 
Earrings: beauty supply


Timeka said...

Tag you're it! And that skirt is hot!!

gen321 said...


Shanticka Buchanan said...

You look cute! And I love the pink cami underneath. I need a close-up of those booties! 

I had Monday off. I just lounged around the house and did absolutely nothing. Not very civilrights like of me, huh? lol!

I have the same posing issue. I naturally revert to them on a regular basis. My daughter says that I need to look like I'm having more fun.


Gabriella Cozza said...

That skirt is definitely adorable!   I love the pop of pink with that cami too, nice outfit. :) Also, you shouldn't feel like you have to post what is "expected" of your blog, post what you like (although I know how you feel...lol).  

Principessa Gabriella 

Freshly fatshionable said...

wet seal has a plus line?! thanks! i love that skirt 

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