Wednesday, February 08, 2012

DOTN: So Late, It’s Ridiculous

So this weekend I was invited to my coworkers sister’s birthday… Which coworker? Well work-wifey, of course!!! I worked Saturday morning and wasn’t sure if I would have the energy to attend, but I have to admit… I have a blast. There are some fuzzy points that I don’t recall, I remember getting into an argument with hubby about something from our past… but other than that… we had a blast. Even hubby is now madly in love with my work wife. And he was feeling a bit better so I think it was a necessary night out. 

I have to be honest that I truly want to blog more, but lately I am working heavily on getting trained and most days what I’m wearing is not at all blog worthy. I know you want to see my not so fancy outfits but lately my outfits are like plain… ridiculous. And by ridiculous… I mean, boring.

I don’t want you to think that I just drop into my blog… post pics and disappear for another week or two. So I wanted to tell you something interesting that happened to me this week. The other night, I came home and this day was already not going according to plan because I had walked out the door earlier that day without my debit card. So I had driven home on what was minimal gas (praying the whole way that I did actually make it home). I pulled up in front of my house and called upstairs to hubby to bring down my debit card. As I waited for him, my car just shuts off. LMAO… my car literally ran out of gas sitting in front of my home. Hubby ran to get me some gas and it allowed me just enough to drive to a local gas station. Afterward, I went to dinner with the bestie that is going through chemo (again). This time she didn’t retain her hair and I can tell she hasn’t gotten comfortable with it quite yet (but that is a blog post for another day). So I give the waitress my card and I wait for her to return, but she tells me I have to come to the register. Well, imagine my surprise when a $29.10 meal was charged $290.10 on my card… most expensive tacos EVER!!! LMAO!!! So they gave me the difference in cash and my bestie couldn’t stop laughing. I have to admit… it was almost worth it to see her laugh like that. Then on the way of the parking lot, I backed into a brick wall. Which cracked her up even more. She said I had had my 3 things go wrong, so I was done… but it was quite a ridiculous night. But it was nice to not take myself so seriously… if that makes sense. So how are you? Have you had a day recently where it seems like nothing is going right? Do you let it get to you, or do you laugh to keep from crying? Below find what I wore to Silver’s (codename) birthday party… I took a picture of her and added it for good measure because I wore the ring she is wearing in the picture, but it was her birthday… and when she said she liked the ring… I gave it her… well… Hasta la proxima (until next time) ~besitos~

What I Wore To Celebrate Silver’s Birthday:
Black/White Skirt: Sizes To Fit
Lace Trim Black Cami: Newport News
Black Top: Target (Pure Energy)
Blazer: Mom’s closet (QVC)
Necklace/Ring: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Steve Madden
Tights: Silkies
Earrings: beauty supply



Isn’t she ADORABLE?!!!

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