Thursday, February 23, 2012

DOTD: Don’t Poke the Bear… oh & a review

Hola Divas…
Okay… usually when I say that… I mean… get the hellz away from me before I rip your head off. But today that title is for dear old hubby… he is in a mood. He can’t seem to stop being soooo grumpy. I have just decided that I will leave him alone tonight and focus on my own happiness. Today was a pretty good day and I’m in a pretty good mood. And today I wore one of my favorite colors… Coral is AMAZING!!!

So I have to say I received an email from Penningtons and they wanted to send me a fun surprise from their new lookbook. And I didn’t know what to expect them to send… but WHOA!!!! What are they chances I would get a CORAL Trench Coat?! I don’t think I have been this excited to wear anything in a long time. So I of course, had to wear it the same week I received it in the mail… hehe!!! It’s $130 and I don’t own a Trench… but I have to say that it is totally 1000% worth the cost. I can’t wait to wear it in the sunlight (but of course I get home too late to take day pictures). I love the way it hangs… and I the color is bright and AMAZING… and the fit is perfection. Okay so this is not a review as it is a reason for you to buy one… seriously… if you want we can even wear them on the same day like TWINZIES!!! Okay… maybe that is a bit much (but it we could do a coral trench blogger challenge… oooh the possibilities)…

Anyway… I’m going to hit the sack before hubby gets any angrier… and before you ask… yes… I will kiss him goodnight regardless of his stinky mood… cause I’m just that type of wife… lol… Ever have a day when your significant other was angry and you couldn’t seem to fix it? Do you have any advice? What would you do? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore While He Was Mr. Grumpy McGrumpyPants:
Coral tank/Multi-Shoes: Target
TieDye Top: Target (Pure Energy)
Skirt: Forever21+
Ring: Dots
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Watch: Charming Charlie
Earrings: beauty supply
AWESOME Coral Trench Coat: Penningtons (gifted)

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