Thursday, January 16, 2014

DOTD: Kiyonna Approved

Hola Divas…

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, than you are aware that I was part of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade. They recently revamped it and I was given another opportunity to be part of the Blogger Brigade. I have to admit, nothing has brought this much excitement to me in months. The best part is that this opportunity presented itself just as I was returning to the blogging world. That is FATE my friend, in its finest form. So when I was asked to pick an item to review I immediately gravitated to the Winona Hi-Lo Wrap Dress. Now to give you some background, I have been completely in love with anything green lately. All shades of green are just pulling me in with a crazy magnetism that I can’t explain. So when I saw that the wrap dress came in “Green with Envy”… it was KISMET that we be together… and when the dress arrived… I was not disappointed. See my review below:

Fabric: Super soft, I swear I spent the day walking around getting people to touch how soft this dress is…
Color: Best shade of GREEN EVER
Fit: Excellent fit. Fit like a dream!!!

Length: Wish this dress was a smidgen longer all around (but it could be it appears short because of all the boobs it had to go over) lol
Misc: I guess that I should mention that its low cut. I wore it with a cami because it was a lot of cleavage (for work). But I love this dress and that would never deter me from buying it…

Needless to say this dress would make it into my wardrobe regardless. I can’t imagine not being able to wear this dress again and again. Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


Purple Cami – Walmart/Shoes – Bakers Shoes/Lips – Aboni Cosmetics


P1130027    P1130021  P1130018 P1130015    P1130026

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