Wednesday, January 08, 2014

DOTD: Color Me Happy

Hola Divas…

So I am writing this post from the comfort of my hotel room in Richmond Virginia. I am dealing with a lot at work and I am trying my best to not let all the negativity get to me. I am finding that some people will find the negative in anything. Which is why I’m making a late new year resolution about finding the positive in everything. I know it will be hard but negativity is like a cancer. It wears you down and kills your spirit. It is toxic and I don’t want it near my life any more. I know that may not be much of a resolution, but it is becoming apparent that if you see the positive in everything… sometimes… eventually everything is positive.
So what has everyone losing it at work. Well, the company I work for has been bought by a larger company. And I want to see the bright side of it, but everyone is killing my vibe with their negativity. I just want to focus on my job and do it to the best of my ability. I won’t spend my time speculating on the “what ifs”. I just want to make sure my checks keep coming, and my company keeps moving forward. That is my ONLY concern… the rest will work itself out. Anyway… onto the fashion…
The last time I wore this skirt, I wore it with with a pink top which I loved… but I really wanted to wear it with a yellow top. And since I don’t own a yellow top… I decided a yellow (mustard) scarf was the next best thing. I know this isn’t fancy, but I like how it turned out. My lastest package from Gwynnie Bee didn’t come in time for my trip, so I had to make what I already had work overtime. I love going on travel, however, I hate packing. I always forget something. This time it was deodorant and my hair oil for my edges. Bleh. Doesn’t matter… I bought some deodorant and I am happy. I really am… I woke up this morning in a glorious mood. And I have to admit… its the beginning of what great things… I am certain of it…  But before I leave you…  How often do you travel? Do you have a fail safe way to travel so you don’t forget anything? Does your fashionista still shine or do you pack the bare mininums? Welll… I’m glad I got the first post of the year out of the way… Hasta la proxima ~besitos~
P.S. I actually wore the wedges to work today and will wear the oxfords tomorrow with an alternate outfit
P1080034  P1080027 P1080029 P1080033
What I Wore While Trying to Stay Happy:Black Tee: Asos Curve
BodyCon Skirt: Asos Curve via Gwynnie Bee
Tights: Assets by Spanx via Target
Black Wedges: Bakers Shoes
Mustard Scarf: Target
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Wanted to post a close-up of my makeup... really loved how it turned out today... 


Nemesis said...

Happy New Year! I travel for work all the time. The best thing is to keep a bag with my toiletries just for travel packed in my suitcase.

Johara Tucker said...

I love that skirt. Like @Nemesis I travel for work alot and keep a toiletry bag in my suitcase just for travel. I used to pack just the bare minimum but now I dress uo alot more.

Kitty said...

I haven't been to your blog in a while. Your skin and hair are looking absolutely beautiful! And I always enjoy seeing your creativeness in clothing. I traveled for about a year for work. Sad to say that I didn't know as much about fashion as I do now - in that I bought scads of stuff mostly in black and tried to keep a sufficient selection in my suitcase. I got rid of nearly everything black in my closet three years ago and I love it! I need the variation and brightness to keep my optimism flying high. Wish I would have known better when I was out in a professional setting every day.

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