Thursday, July 26, 2012

DOTD: Spikes & Leopard

Hola Divas,
That title sounds like some strange S&M club that you have to get a blood test to join. LOL. Anyway, I was super excited about this outfit and then NONE of the pictures turned out. Either I didn’t include the shoes, or it was blurry, or I looked like I was about to commit a murder (meaning I wasn’t smiling) or there is a dumpster in the background. Anyway… I’m hoping that you can see the premise of this outfit. Meaning that I wanted to show how I tied the pieces together and how I got to finally wear my first pair of shoes from LolaShoetique. These shoes are fierce!!! Also, if you follow me on twitter or instagram or facebook… you know I cut my hair… if you do not… then you are seeing my hair cut for the first time. Yes it looks like it did when I would pull it back… but now it has purpose… lol

Another exciting thing about today is a coworker hired me to style her for the fall. Which says that she trusts my ability and thinks I know a little something something about fashion. I posted 2 of the ideas I created for her below on my blog. Future ideas won’t be included on my blog as she wants it to be solely for her. I get it… I strive to be original even if I am using someone else’s look for inspiration. As with anything, we want to put our own spin on it.

I have very little else going on in my life other than work and family. So… in the weeks that I haven’t blogged… What have I missed? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~



What I Wore While NOT Being a Good Photographer:
Mustard Dress: eShakti 
Pink Cami: Lane Bryant 
Leopard Belt: Dots
Leopard Earrings: beauty supply
Shoes: LolaShoetique

Better Photo of my Haircut:


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