Friday, July 27, 2012

Diva Spotlight: Diva Soiree

It has been many months since my last Diva Spotlight post. I mentioned on my Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter that I love the the opportunity to shine the spotlight on someone who is NOT me. I want to give my readers an opportunity to feel like the center of my universe for ATLEAST one day (but knowing that due to how infrequently I blog… you may be the center of attention for longer than a day… lol). So imagine my surprise when my coworker said she would love to be a Diva for the day…

So today I shine an office style florescent spotlight on… Diva Soiree of SoireeLove’s Channel on YouTube


Dress & Lace Blazer: Macy’s
Shoes & Earrings: Bakers
Bracelets: Forever21

In her own words: I feel like a DIVA in this because I love the color against my skin. The lace blazer gives it a chic feel with the green trim sleeves and the bracelets shine the outfit up with a classy sparkle. There's just enough leg shown to be conservative yet sexy. I’ve never worn this color before but every diva should feel womanly in any color she chooses.

Isn’t she SASSY & CLASSY?!! Show her love in the comments...

If you want to be the next Diva to be Spotlighted!!! Send an email for more information to or read up on my project here: Diva Spotlight

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