Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DOTD: ReVamping This Dress… Again

Hola Divas,
I know I’ve worn this dress only a few posts ago. But if I had been blogging as frequently as I would like… then this wouldn’t be as noticeable. But when it was so so hot on the East coast… it was just too much to get up each morning and to care enough to take a picture of my outfits. Its not because I didn’t want to… but because I just couldn’t bear to be out in that heat for longer than 5 minutes.

I know it sounds like I’m being overly “Diva” but actually I get severely sick when my body overheats. You probably can’t tell it now but I used to be a HUGE book nerd as a kid. So much so that while other kids were outside playing, I was indoors living inside my mind with the characters of my favorite books. Enter me as an adult who wants to spend the day at a theme park in the sun with my children… only to be told by my doctor that I can’t. Why? Because my body never adapted to life outdoors as a child… doing it now is not an option. My body overheats… I get the ugliest blisters on my skin and I have occasionally blacked out when the heat became too much. So the last 2 weeks… have not been fun for me… an hour outdoors has a tendency to leave me so drained I can’t function for like an entire day afterward. Anyway… today I noticed it was a perfect 79° this morning so I wanted to take advantage of a great outfit… and a low temperature morning. I’m very happy to be back on my game (please August… try not to suck). Hope you like this outfit… I LOVE the shoes!!! On to the fashion… Do you have any health issues that this heat is flaring up? How have you stayed cool during these super hot days? Has your fashion or blogging been affected by the heatwave? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore While NOT Overheating:
Flower Wrap Dress: Igigi (so old)
Teal Tank: Dots
Teal Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Watch: Charming Charlie
Brown Wood Earrings: beauty supply

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