Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diva Spotlight Project

So I am working on two new ideas for my blog. This is numero uno!!!

I would like to spotlight everyone's different fashion style and tastes. I know not all of us have blogs and don't really have the time to maintain something as I do, but I and 'my sister' Tai came up with an idea. Diva Spotlights on my blog. And what would be needed is that you take a picture of yourself (past, present, or whenever) and send it to me with the following information:
Where you bought the pieces (each piece include accessories if possible)
And how that particular outfit makes you feel
Also... what name you want to be represented by on the post

You could also do the same for a makeup spotlight post... which you will need to tell me what products you used on each section of your face. Be VERY specific.

I hope some of you will participate... I think that we all have those occasional outfits that we really like and want to share... and have no one to share them with. Well, I am giving you the medium to do that in.
Remember my blog is here... and it is not necessary your style be like mine... it can be your style... as long as it makes you happy... that is all that is important.

Let me know if you're interested. I am hoping to hear from you. Send any emails to

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