Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DOTD: All The Best Intentions

So yesterday… I was so excited about my outfit and the post I was going to give you guys. I was going to show you that my fashion hadn’t completely died…. then… I left my camera at work and didn’t get one single photo of my outfit… totally devastated… why because today I’m wearing something so similar to something else I’ve already worn… that it’s not likely to wow when I’ve been gone so long.

So since I haven’t really been posting I thought I would let you know that I’m still working and I still love my job. Everyday I learn something new… Pecana (the boss) is still teaching me each day. She is super sweet and grounded and that makes me want to continue to be a better person. Work wife has been under stress lately and I just want to hug her until all her problems disappear… wouldn’t that be cool? If a hug could erase all your stress? We have been generally alone in the office as a big project has taken Jefa out of the office along with the only guy in the office (usually…) Duke (not his real name but a play on his name and he cracks me up). So that wasn’t really much but hey life is going well… so here is the important thing…

Things are looking up with hubby. Seems like we are getting back to where we were before January. Are we perfect, not by a long shot but I love the effort he puts forth (most days). And I try to control my “nagging” and my contempt with… well… generally everything. I just want to make the best of a situation… because here is something that I learned while we were 100% separated… Dating is hard, the pickings out there… suck, and well… I still love my husband. So if it means I have to compromise a lot more than I generally want to… or I don’t have to scream out every error or flaw… than I can do that… just to keep what I have rather to move onto something that is not a 3rd of what I currently have…. Does that make sense? Are you single or married? If you’re single, does dating give you a case of hives as it did for me? Would you work with someone is who is not perfect in order to avoid dealing with these sorry excuse for men out there? Do you have a horrible dating experience… would you share it in the comments? I would love to know what everyone else has experienced. Now onto the fashion… lol

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress (as skirt… again): Pure Energy (Target)
Coral Tank: Wal-mart
Green Tank: Old Navy
Denim Jacket: Torrid
Necklaces: Charming Charlie / Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings: Wal-mart
Bracelets: Ashley Stewart / Burlington Coat Factory
Ring: Torrid
Sunglasses: Flea Market
Shoes: Payless Shoes


As for yesterday… here is what I wore… The dress (without the belt, tights or boots) with those shoes and gold accessories. I felt very 50s chic… dang camara being at work Sad smile 

IMG_0003-3 Fullscreen capture 322011 83800 PM.bmp


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Raven Williams said...

I'm not even married! And trust me, I understand. I've been talking to this guy for a year now and it seems like its an uphill battle. We dated last year and unfortunately things ended. Now we're working extra hard to see where things could possibly go in the future. I guess I'm trying to decide if it is "worth it." I have a question for you...How do you decide if it's worth it for  you? I had a conversation with him about this word "worth." The conversation basically consisted of me telling him he would be ready to be in a relationship whenever he thought I was worth it. I stand by that, but I want to know what you think..


SoChicBizarre said...

You should enter the 'Curvy Glamaholic' contest @ Http://confessionsofaglamaholic.com I think you'd win!


Yaqueen14 said...

It's hard to know if it's worth it.  There are alot of men who are not appropriate but I still believe that the right one for me is out there.  I've vowed not to stay in any more relationships that don't being me more joy than grief.  Of course, when you're looking on line and, when asked "tell me more about yourself" the guy emails you a picture of his you know what, you do wonder if it's worth it!

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