Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DOTD/Review: Slone Maxi from Lucie Lu

This month Lucie Lu sent me this dress from her new dress collection. I loved it online but when it arrived I had second thoughts. I had seconds thought all the way until the moment I put it on this morning. I think it’s because of the bra I tried it on with. So yesterday when I wore it I decided to wear it with a strapless bra because I felt like it was a better look. I wore the straps today but I will be honest that it will be my first, last, and only time wearing the straps not tucked in. I’ll probably wear it strapless going forward. So here is the review breakdown…


The Fit: I went down a size with this dress and it was a bit snug in the breast but I wear a size 44G so I don’t blame the dress, I blame my humungous boobies. I still love the fit everywhere else.

The Fabric: I love love love how this dress was made. The fabric is thin enough to be cool in summer, but thick enough that you know its nicely made. It’s also perfectly flowy too.

The Color: Perfection!! I am on a orange/coral crush right now so you know…I love this color!!!

The Length: It’s a maxi but because I’m on the “tall” side… I wish it was just a smidgen longer.

The Overall Dress: Excellent Maxi addition to my wardrobe that is original in style and shape. If you want a maxi that you know you won’t see on everyone else… this is the maxi you want!

Star Rating: ««««¶ 


So I have to say this again… if you haven’t tried Lucie Lu… You are missing out… She has so many dresses I desperately want right now. She’s affordable, on trend, and has quality garments… You see I wear mine over and over and over. BTW… I also have this dress in the purple (are you even surprised?)

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