Saturday, August 20, 2011

ShoeDay Saturday: Blogger or Bust

I am really really trying to blog more…. but this week SUCKED. It rained every time it seemed that I attempted to take pics. And on the day that it didn’t rain, I looked a hot mess. So needless to say… you got nothing. So today I am going to see if I can’t get some pictures of the outfits that I am hoping to wear this week today (not likely as I am rarely motivated these days) but I will try my best. But I figured I would resume my features so that you know that I do care.

I love shoes. I am the designated shoe whisperer to anyone who knows me. I can make any outfit different with just a change of shoes and accessories… so I constantly stay on shoe sites to find something I will like… I figure going forward my gift to myself will be one pair a shoes a month (if I can afford it) or a heel condom so that I can get more bang for my buck. And then get crazy with making my outfits “different”. I love! because they have such a diverse class of shoes. I can get casual, dressy, or just plain original shoes from them. Sometimes at a high cost… but I know my feet will demand attention. Here is what I found today…

Gezana - Orange

Gezana - Orange $64.99
~ Madly in love with wedges right now. And I need a new pair of fall ready coral or orange wedges. These would fit the bill nicely.

Soda - Black

Soda - Black $49.99
~ This would be a great end of season addition to my shoe collection… love it!!

Who Knows - Black and White
Who Knows - Black and White $69.99
~ I need a snakeskin (faux snakeskin) shoe in my life. It’s a great compliment to just about any color… but especially with fuchsia and purple ensembles Smile

Gillespie - Mustard Pu
Gillespie - Mustard $64.99
~ I love this shade lately… mustard is so under utilized… and again… wedge = comfort

Gator - Black
Gator - Black $89.99
~ As I prepare for fall… and how I can get my fun fashion going during cooler months. I think these shoes would be totally fun to build an outfit around…

So take advantage of the End of Summer Sale going on NOW at! Great shoes on sale from Jessica Simpson, L.A.M.B., Guess, and more! I am so excited about the deals I’ve seen so far. There are such hot shoes at up to 50% off! Check out the Deal of the Day at! 

Current Deals:
Free 2nd Day Shipping on all purchases
Couldn’t find a coupon code… but I always Google to be sure there isn’t one on the cyberweb somewhere… these shoes are too cute to not get because you are a few dollars short… lol… enjoy your Saturday!

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Style Chic 360 said...

We will be here when you're ready. It's been raining an awful lot here too. especially on weekends.

love those coral wedges!

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