Monday, August 01, 2011

Six Take: Tale of Six Cities

So this month for the six take we are supposed to give you a view of how our different cities makes us all different fashionally… what I think is the most interesting part… my fashion is not really… Glen Burnie-esque. I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland which usually makes people go “where?”. It’s a stone throw from Baltimore, MD which is where I do all my hanging out and dancing. It’s also near Annapolis which is the capitol of Maryland. Glen Burnie is a suburban area with a bit of a “ghetto” edge. So I get asked A LOT… why am I all dressed up. The typical uniform of Glen Burnie is man shirts, leggings, and flip flops. So my fashion is “frowned upon”. As I am writing this post, I’m too sick to get all dolled up. Then I remember an awesome outfit a took a few weeks ago that I never posted.


Now the reason I decided to use these pictures for my six take is the story behind these pictures. The building I am using as a backdrop is amazing and I wanted to sit on the ledge of this building. I thought that the people in the building were gone and that there was no one there. Unfortunately… that was not the case.


This is apparently a full time mental therapy location. They specialize in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I did not know that at the time… I had to Google it when I got home. Anyway, after I was done taking my pictures, one of the patients (I was going to call them crazies… but let’s be honest… I’m not 100% sane my dang on self) comes out and starts taking pictures of me and my truck. **s/n: I use my truck hood to take my pictures… in case you didn’t know** When I asked the woman why she was taking pictures of my truck she said “Just in case” lol. I said I’m a fashion blogger just taking pictures for my blog…her reply “sure you are”. LOL. I don’t know if it was racism or sizism but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. So I wasn’t going to use the pictures… but dude… this outfit is HOT!!!


Anyway, when I tell some people in my area that I am a stylist and fashion blogger… I get the head to toe. So don’t think that if you come to my area that what I wear is the norm… I think what I wear is so “abnormal” that people don’t know what to do with me. Since embracing my fashionable side I have lost friends, and have been told that I am bourgeois ("BOO-zhee") and a snob. But if you know me… you know that I am a goofball and love breaking out into the peewee-herman at any moment. I love telling crazy stories and just being a nut. My fashion is just the draping that makes it look less nerd… lmao


After attending full figure fashion week I began to think my fashion would fit in better in New York… but I like being an original. I like that people describe me as the plus size dark skinned chick in sky high heels. That people will meet me and say that someone else told them about me. And they both knew they were talking about the same person.


Now I will be honest and say that color is not shied away from in Maryland. I find in Baltimore I have even seen a chick rocking NEON weave… that’s right… neon. So color is not anything new. But when I color-block… I see the side-eyes I get. I see how people look when I show up with green eyeshadow. But that is me… and I refuse to let… this state change who I am… especially with my fashion.


Even though this post isn’t exactly what I thought it would be I am glad I held on to these photos. Because these pictures are exactly what my fashion is right now. Long skirts with color, big hair and big earrings. I feel like the Yoli I was always meant to be but never was before this year. Fashion really is my passion.


Will Glen Burnie ever be the fashion capitol of the world? Not likely unless all the other cities in the world burned down to the ground and took all wearable fashion along with them. But fashion is individual… and no matter wear you live, you can be inspired and inspire others.

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