Wednesday, July 07, 2010

She's Got Curves Review: Barney Kinda Love

"And remember, I love you!" ~Barney (the dinosaur)

I remember that about a little over a year ago, I was completely against skinny jeans. It took my husband convincing me that I would look as good (if not better) than any model working the skinny jean look. Since buying the first pair, I have thus become an addict.

I say all this to lead you into the review of one of the pair of skinny jeans I received from the owner of She’s Got Curves. She had a couple of pair but there was one pair that was calling my name and I knew that if they fit correctly, they would be my go to favorite from here on out.

Colors available: Black, Purple

The Review: Okay, I really need to start having some bad luck on some items or my readers will think my reviews are bought. But first, in order for me to hate these jeans they would have had to come apart and left me naked in order for me to hate them. Seriously, PURPLE SKINNY JEANS!!!

The material is super stretchy and left me with that wonderful jegging feel. I wore them on one of the few days when it was a nice 80 degrees outside so that I could enjoy them. I felt these fabulous jeans needed to be worn with something that wasn’t safe so I went with a black, green, purple combo… and I loved how it came out. At one point in the day, I had to run up the steps and I didn’t feel hindered at all. I also tried to “pretend” kick a friend in the head (yes, I can lift my leg that high) and they also didn’t hold me back during that action. During the later part of the day I did switch into my flats and they were the perfect length to wear with stilettos and with flats.

The only negative I found… was one pocket was sewed incorrectly so I couldn’t put my hand all the way down in the pocket. But I am not huge on pockets, so I didn’t mind that at all. Isn’t that what a great COACH bag is for?

Had to sync up the eyes (i know... too much matching)

So here is an incentive for you to grab a pair of these and possibly something else… the owner has given me the heads up for a 48 hour sale starting now and set to end Friday June 9th at noon. You will get 50% off using code: 48hour

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet, if so what did you buy?!! If not, WHY NOT?!!

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