Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faith 21 review: Playing Dressing Room Barbie Doll

So I went to Forever21 in Towson Town Center, that is where the best Faith21 location is located in Maryland. I know there are others but this one is the cleanest I've seen and has the largest selection of clothing. I have been waiting a while to complete this Dressing Room review. I've said I would do it and then would lose my nerve. Then this past Saturday while out shopping with a friend, I decided now was as good a time as any.

Warning: Picture Heavy!!!!

Here is how I began my day:
Dress: Marshall's
Tank: Newport News
Flip Flops: Payless
Earrings: Beauty Supply

First I tried on this hot pink dress... It was great and an almost purchase, but I notices that possibly a few people have tried this on and and caused it to pucker and rip on the back. It would have been a great addition to nmy closet family had it been better made *sigh*

The next 2 items were great but after a day of trying on items I decided the skirt wasn't what I wanted... but now looking at the pictures... I wish I had gotten it... my friend gifted me the shirt...

Then I tried on this vest... (my tank & skirt from previous pics)... bought this of course (and a twin with a black & white pattern)

This dress... I loved how it felt on my skin... its super stretchy and comfortable... but I couldn't get past how I looked in it in the mirror... the reflection is the only thing that kept me out of this purchase.

Here are two items I tried on, didn't like how they looked but completely forgot to photograph them on my body...

Now the piece the moment i saw it on the hanger and had to have (thanks to my buddy)... yes... its perfect in every way...

btw... did you notice my gorgeous coach bag peaking at you in my pics... love that bag!!!

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