Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's Got Curves Review: Maxi-ng My Comfort Zone

Recently the awesome owner of She's Got Curves sent me those fabulous red shoes, and in the box with those shoes was a blue maxi dress. Now here is where I get brutally honest. When I took it out of the box, I made an assumption that I wouldn’t like this dress. But I had promised to do a review and so I knew one day that I would have to wear it. It was really thin… and I thought it would end up being shorter than I like my Maxi dresses.

The Dress: Maxi Tube Dress - $22.99 (that’s the actual price!!!)

The Review: Now this review was a testament about not judging a item buy the view on a hanger or out of a box. So today, I knew it would be seriously hot and I needed to be able to be comfortable. What day was better than today, to wear a thin dress. It was so hot I didn’t even wear makeup. That should tell you were my comfort was. So I pulled out this dress, with my whole mind made up to hate it. Then... I didn’t hate it, not at all.

Its super stretchy and it came all the way down to hit the top of my foot. So the initial too short thought was a mile off. It fit fine, and the thin material wasn’t see through, it was airy and on a day like today, it was perfect.

I did not try this dress without a bra because let’s be real… it wasn’t going to work. As you can see I have stretched the hell out of the top, but that is because I’m super top heavy (44F) and most others won’t fit like that on the top. Mine was a size 3X and I like the way it felt. I also noticed I got some approving looks from the opposite sex, so I now know that my initial thoughts were seriously off base. So if you were thinking this dress what up your alley, now you see how it looks on me… subtract some bra cup size, and you may see how it looks on you. I fully recommend this dress now.

I wanted to remind you all that the owner of She’s Got Curves is offering my awesome readers a coupon code: Queendiva for 10% off your entire order at She’s Got Curves!

Please note: The dress looks wet in spots because of the lighting and because I took these photos while I was cooking dinner for the family. It was more polished looking during the day.

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet?!! If not, what are you waiting for?!!!

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