Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Dresses #1

I decided to finally do a Lo Quiero Ahora post and I wanted to do dresses. If you know me, you know I love dresses and skirts. And I can't get enough of them. So this post will have multiple parts, of this I am sure. So I am doing this first installment today. I am also aware that with no income coming in on my part, these items will most likely remain on my wish list. But I am hoping that I may inspire someone else to purchase something fierce and to have fun with. What's on your wish list... and why?

  1.  CoCo in Green Multi - This dress speaks to me because I currently don't have a rich green dress in my closet and it will definately step up the color I have available to me currently. Also, it is a maxi which I love... and can't get enough of lately. (Curvy Girl Clothing)
  2. Belted Ruched Open Shoulder Party Dress - As many times as I have visited this site, it surprised me that I never noticed this dress before so I am now pleasantly happy I found it. I love the ideas that came to mind when I found it in red. Oh the colors I could wear it with. (She's Got Curves)
  3. Ruffle Spot Minnie Dress - Okay, you know I love dots. I really really love polka dots. It is a look I avoided so long and now I want to wear all the time. This dress is so cute and dotted, and I can't even tell you how hot it would look with my red, fuschia, or purple belt. I must have this dress. (City Chic
  4. Multicolored Peacock Maxi Dress - I always forget to check this site. And it bothers me because as soon as a few days have passed, I will see someone else wearing something they found on the site but forgot to mention. So this dress is calling my name. I love it, need it, want it. (Jens Fashionplus)
  5. Anastasia Interchangeable Wrap Dress - I have wanted a convertible dress for AGES... and this one is finally in my price bracket (well, it would be if I were making my previous salary). After seeing it on Stiletto Siren, I am more sure than ever that I want this dress... *sigh* a girl can dream. (SWAK Designs)
  6. Striped-Bust Halter Pinup Dress - I love classics: Classic pieces; classic movies; classic makeup; anything classic. So this dress is no different. It is reminiscent of the 40s which draws my attention right away. Then you add the direction of the stripes and I'm sold. I would add a pop of color somewhere, doesn't matter, I still need this dress in my life. (Torrid)
  7. Chiffon Long Ruffle Dress - I posted this pic on Facebook a few days ago and I got some likes which shows me the look of this is appealing to only me. I am loving how this dress is made of Chiffon but is ruffle in a way that is not overpowering. I also love love love yellow and gray together. So... this dress is a winner. (Sizes to Fit)
  8. Turquoise Jewel Detail Maxi Dress - this final dress isn't my pick. I was the maxi my hubby picked. He loved the coloring and thinks I would look pretty sexy in it... So how could I not add it to my wish list. I have to admit... Hubby has excellent taste. (Yours Clothing)
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