Saturday, October 08, 2011

ShoeDay Saturday: Back to my old tricks…

I realize that blogging is easy if you keep to your old routine. And since I love shoes and loved doing these shoe posts on Saturdays… I knew that if I resumed them that I would probably feel like my old blogging self. And I have to admit… it’s working so far. So this week I went to Alloy looking for pants and I found a pair of shoes (that are unfortunately not in my size) that made me want to look around a bit more. So I figure I would post what I loved whether or not they came in an 11 or not… because not all my readers wear an 11. And maybe one of you can buy them and I can live through your shoe purchase.

Elodi Lace Stiletto – $36.90
~ this shoe is like my dream shoe. Leopard & lace?!!! I would totally wear the heck out of this shoe. Why don’t they make this in an 11?!!! ~

Pulse Wedge – $36.90
~ I am desperate for a pair of everyday black wedges. But I can’t seem to find any that go up to an 11 that won’t break the bank. But wouldn’t the black & purple pair just be awesome? ~

Bella Bootie – $44.90
~ I need a pair of gray leopard booties in my life… just because ~

Grapevine Wedge – $36.90
~ I think these are adorable… I love these ~

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