Monday, October 10, 2011

Diva Spotlight: Cheap Chic & Curvy

I made an another plea on Facebook and Twitter for more Diva Spotlights, especially given that I have not been blogging at my potential lately. And I got some interest and some emails. Which I truly enjoy. So imagine my surprise when I searched my email box for submissions to find that I had one in my inbox that I had mistakenly overlooked (smacks hand... shame on you Yoli!!). So if you sent a submission last week... know that i haven't forgotten you... just wanted to include this blogger who sent her submission almost 2 weeks ago...

Now here is what is ridiculous... I had not seen this blog before her email (seriously... I need to do better)... but I'm glad she submitted her pic because you know what... she and I have a love and appreciation for leopard and how to best use it as a neutral.... LOVE IT!!!

So I shine the spotlight on...

Where items were purchased?
Cardigan- Marshalls
Top-Forever 21
Pumps- Forever 21
Earrings-Value Village
Sunglasses-Charlotte Russe
Bracelet-Value Village

In her own words:
This outfit makes me feel fabulous!  Much like many fashionistas I'm in love with anything made with leopard print! So pairing this number with a leopard top only came natural.  From the toughness of the top, to the daintiness of the fuchsia skirt; I love this outfit!

Isn't she FABULOUSA?!! Show her love in the comments...
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