Monday, October 10, 2011

Diva Spotlight: Cheap Chic & Curvy

I made an another plea on Facebook and Twitter for more Diva Spotlights, especially given that I have not been blogging at my potential lately. And I got some interest and some emails. Which I truly enjoy. So imagine my surprise when I searched my email box for submissions to find that I had one in my inbox that I had mistakenly overlooked (smacks hand... shame on you Yoli!!). So if you sent a submission last week... know that i haven't forgotten you... just wanted to include this blogger who sent her submission almost 2 weeks ago...

Now here is what is ridiculous... I had not seen this blog before her email (seriously... I need to do better)... but I'm glad she submitted her pic because you know what... she and I have a love and appreciation for leopard and how to best use it as a neutral.... LOVE IT!!!

So I shine the spotlight on...

Where items were purchased?
Cardigan- Marshalls
Top-Forever 21
Pumps- Forever 21
Earrings-Value Village
Sunglasses-Charlotte Russe
Bracelet-Value Village

In her own words:
This outfit makes me feel fabulous!  Much like many fashionistas I'm in love with anything made with leopard print! So pairing this number with a leopard top only came natural.  From the toughness of the top, to the daintiness of the fuchsia skirt; I love this outfit!

Isn't she FABULOUSA?!! Show her love in the comments...
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Pigelet25 said...

I LOVE IT !!!! One would think ( in a close minded brain) that Leopard would only go with colors like Black or Brown, However I LOVE that she is setting this off with FUCHSIA!!!!! HELLO WORLD!!! BIG GIRLS ARE ROCKIN' THE PRINTS!!!!!! Her Fearless look in this pic shows that she is not afraid to take a daring look and tell the " Skinny Bitches" ya'll ain't the only ones that can rock the Leopard!!! ^5 hell ^10! for this fabulous outfit!!! Keep it goin Hunny ! <3

Shanticka Buchanan said...

She looks stylish! I really like the look!

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