Friday, December 09, 2011

DOTD: Not Feeling So Diva… Currently

Hola Divas…
Well I haven’t posted anything on my blog since my post on Dec 1st. So let me tell you what has happened over the last week….

Last Friday: I came home from work nauseous and completely sick. I thought that since my children had been sick during the week that I had not been so lucky at avoiding it. I went to bed hoping it would be a 24 hour bug as it had been with everyone else….

Saturday: It starts to look like I am seriously sick as the pain has gotten worse and I can’t eat anything without getting really sick. I only left my bed for a few moments to go to my part-time and to quickly return to my bed.

Sunday: Did not get out of bed all day and hubby left me to sleep because I am so sick at this point I barely sleep… it is at that moment that I realize that is most likely NOT a stomach virus. As any movement at all makes me cry out in agony. Hubby tries to get me to go to the emergency room but I tell him I’m fine (when I’m clearly not).

Monday: I don’t go to work because I can’t move… still. Hubby FORCES me to go to the ER. I oblige as I feel as though I’m dying. While in emergency they check for pregnancy, appendicitis, and who knows what else. Turns out I have ovarian cysts. I am sorry if that grosses anyone out… but as I had cervical cancer a few years ago… I am scared of anything that has to do with my “lady parts”… lol. They tell me that the cysts should shrink on their own and that the pain should go away in a few days. If not, I have to go see my doctor to ensure that the cysts are not tumors. Yep… we’re back to that again…. ugh!!!!

Tuesday: I went to work… pain and all… Kinda foggy as I was medicated.

Wednesday: Work again and then the most horrific thing happens… my husband comes home to find my 15yr old having sex in my living room when he is supposed to be at school. We flipped out… and kicked him out to go live with his grandparents. I can’t… my health is fragile and he is doing everything in his power to make me lose my sanity. My mom makes it seem like its all my fault and that he needs attention. Attention?!! I’m working 2 jobs (one of which is cleaning up after grown a$$ folks who act as though I’m their maid and not just the lady who mops and empties the trash) just so I can buy a house in the next six months. But I should give that all up so he can get “attention”. As someone who was an honor roll student and literally was spoiled my entire teenage years and got all the “attention” I could stand (I was even in the newspaper for tutoring failing seniors while in the 9th grade)… I have no idea why he should get attention for all this negative behavior. Also, on my way home in a downpour of tornado proportions… I get a flat tire. Seriously… I damn near snapped.

Thursday: Woke up to excruciating pain and a swollen stomach… finding that stress is not allowing this to go away as quickly as the doctor had indicated. Got my tired “plugged” before work. Went to work while trying not to think about the stress my son is putting me under.

Friday (today): *le sigh* Just happy to see it is Friday and know that I can get some rest tomorrow and Sunday.

Some week…huh? The outfit you see below I wore yesterday. I had every intention of putting on makeup… never happened. I do regret that I wore leggings as it was the coldest day of the season thus far… even with tights under the leggings… I felt naked. So do you think this is TMI for my blog? Would you prefer I only talk shoes, makeup, & clothes? Have you had any health issues lately? If so, how are you dealing? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore While Not Feeling Quite Myself:
Black Cami & Leggings: Forever21+
Black Tights: Assets by Spanx (Target)
Teal Sweater: Newport-News
Teal Leopard Scarf: Came with a shirt from Wal-Mart
Booties: Bakers Shoes
Bracelets: Lane Bryant/ and a bday gift
Earrings: beauty supply

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