Sunday, December 18, 2011

DOTN: 30th Birthday Date Night

Hola Divas…
Last night… Hubby and I went out to ring in his 30th birthday. I wanted him to not be in bed and watching Psych as he turned 30 years old. So we got dressed and went out. I don’t have any pictures of what he was wearing as he refused pictures as I did sort of kidnap him last night.

So we went to our normal local bar and there was some excitement. But first I have to admit that we argued before we went out because he kept saying things that made no sense to me. Now as you may recall (if you’ve been following my blog that long) that hubby and I weren’t doing so well in March of this year around my birthday. All our troubles came crashing together in a huge impact that caused our separation. Now I’m a huge birthday nut… and I believe that all birthdays should be celebrated and enjoyed. But my husband does not have the same philosophy as his birthdays bring up deep rooted issues from his past in his country. He’s working on doing better… but it takes time. Anyway… I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday and he said that considering how he “failed” on my birthday… he understands if I want to “pay him back” and give him a crappy birthday. I can honestly tell you I was dumbfounded because… where dey do dat at? That whole statement makes no sense. Tit for tat birthday payback? That would only make sense to a man…

So that why I kidnapped him. I felt it was necessary. And while he was there he was still in a grumpy mood… until something happened… A guy fell down the steps and split his head open. I mean there was a huge puddle of blood. And he was unconscious and unresponsive. In that instance… hubby put his arm around my waist and held my hand. Because you realize that everything could change in an instant. End result is that the paramedics were able to get him awake and up on his feet and into the ambulance. Hubby and I hung around for a bit longer and danced while we appreciated our love and health. Then we headed home just before the club closed. So on the drive home we decided to take the long way home which includes a drive through Baltimore City and Power Plant Live (which is this area with like a mixture of different clubs and bars so it’s like a melting pot of entertainment). Well… if you were on twitter you saw my tweet that said I had saw a woman wearing a thong leotard with fishnets underneath. She was wearing it with flats… so it already was a miss… but what killed me was that I was DYING in thick tights and she was strolling down Lombard Street like it wasn’t 30 degrees outside. Not to mention that she was the largest female in her group (about a size 14/16) and her friends were significantly more dressed then she. I just felt like my eyes should not have been seeing all of that… but to each their own. Fashion is individual…

After that we came home and cuddled and I fell asleep without even touching my phone (which says a lot)…. Anyway… I really wanted him to remember the night of his 30th and recall that I had gone to great lengths to look nice. I got this skirt from Forever21+ a few weeks ago and I love how it holds everything in… AMAZINGLY killer skirt. I also changed the hair again… I think this one… is a keeper… What do you think of the Divalook Of The Night (DOTN)? What do you think of the new hairdo? Did you notice that I couldn’t leave without a pop of color? What did you wear this weekend that was your favorite look?

What I Wore To Celebrate My Hubby Being Born:
Black Top & Glitter Stripe Skirt: Forever21+
Tights: Assets by Spanx (Target)
Booties: Qupid (ebay)
Earrings: beauty supply


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