Monday, January 10, 2011

DOTD: The Beginning all over again

Today is day one on the road to 2 years blogging. And it is my return to doing OOTD posts after my break (psychotic break... lol). So I wanted this outfit to be extra cute. I really like it… I love my makeup. It turned out 100 times better than I thought it would.

I had so much I wanted to say, but today I was like completely unprepared to return to work. I forgot to pack my SD card converter and my cell phone charger. So I could not complete the blog earlier this morning as I had hoped… and my phone died while I was at work…

Today was a stressful day… a lot of new information my brain had to absorb… If it actually turns into anything life changing, I will let you know.

So back to the outfit… I wanted to wear my leopard print top dress but I didn’t want it to be completing swimming in black, so I added my turquoise sweater and turquoise eyeshadow. I added my new owl ring, and plain gold earrings. I really like how it turned out!!!  What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: ASOS Curve
Sweater: Torrid
Tights: Silkies
Shoes: Michael Shannon (Off Broadway Shoes)
Ring: Torrid

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