Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DOTD: We're a bunch of "YES" Women

Stress Stress Stress…

I am experiencing a high level of stress. It was better than it was last week but it still affects the way I am and who the world sees. I felt that I should address stress today because I don’t have one single friend who isn’t going through something currently. I mean anxiety is high and I find that I am trying to be extra bubbly to compensate for friends that seem to be completely in the downers. Maybe that is why I was the way I was last week so that I could be stronger for the people I care about. You know that everyone has a different way of dealing with stress and no one person is the same. But I do know that with my level of stress I try to deal with what I can deal with and eff the rest…

As most of us are mothers, daughters, sisters, employees, bosses, and friends so the list of things for us to do is never ending. But you have to be able to know when to say.. WHEN. I am learning that I can’t be at every event planned by friends. I know I can’t attend every meeting. I also am learning that I can’t do everyone’s extra work when they can’t complete it. I am on a first come, first served basis. If I have no more to give when you need something, sorry, you should have come sooner. So when people try to push you to your limit, understand that saying no doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. And if the person you have to tell no doesn’t like it and has a problem with you not doing what they want, then let them know a true friend (or family member) would understand that you are just one person and that you can’t do it all.

Stop being a YES WOMAN!!! I feel like the movie Yes Man speaks to me in a special way only I’m the opposite. I say yes to everyone until I am overcome with stuff that I can’t complete because I am overwhelmed. And now I am finally at a place where I am learning how to say NO!! and excepting that not everyone is going to be pleased with my new way of doing things. But I am going to put my family first and make sure my health is part of that and everything else can come in a distance 2nd.  Are you overwhelmed and overstressed?

Now the outfit, I wasn’t going to wear this today, but stress at work needed an outfit that was devoid of color. I meant to smile in the pictures… but I think I was so cold taking these pictures outside… I just wanted to be done with them… lol

Also, you can't tell in the pictures, but these are fishnet tights


What I'm wearing today:
Top: Newport News (I love the little flair out at the bottom
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Fishnet Tights: WeLoveColors
Taupe Stilettos: M.P.S. (Off Broadway Shoes)


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