Saturday, January 01, 2011

DOTD: Out with friends…

So yesterday I spent the day hanging with my friend Nakia. We haven’t hung out in a while so it was nice to take a day and just catch up and be girls. We hit a few shops… my favorite during the trip was Blessed Treasures in Baltimore. From the outside it looks like a place I would be terrified to enter, but after I entered, I realized that it really is a blessed place. The owners live and work in this consignment shop that is impeccably clean and organized. They sell all sizes and types of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I bought some earrings and earring holders that I desperately needed. In order to get them organized… i had to untie many earrings… because they were a tangled mess. The best part of this organizer is that now I can clearly see what colors I have and stop buying duplicate colors and/or styles.

Below I also included what I wore on Thursday when I wasn’t feeling my best. I spruced up and pulled myself together to go bowling with some friends. So below are pictures just documenting the last view days, including the video I posted on YouTube. As always, honest comments are welcome… I love and appreciate all of you…

I have realized in the last few days just how blessed I am to have this blog, my family, and the friends I have made in this lifetime.

Happy New Year!!! I pray your year is as awesome as I plan mine to be!!!!

Friday (New Year’s Eve)

**Note: the crochet headband was made by a friend of mine. If you are trying to get one, email me for more information: yramirez.diva(at)gmail(dot)com**



IMG_0171 IMG_0175



IMG_0190     IMG_0189


Thursday (my not so happy day)


IMG_0137    IMG_0156

168708_1582455041636_1243526521_31408544_4784219_n  165274_1582494002610_1243526521_31408684_3573751_n


* Isn’t my friend Gina adorable?*

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