Sunday, January 16, 2011

DOTD: Weekend Glam

I am completely tuckered out. I would regale you with tales of my weekend... but continuing to lift my fingers to type is exhausting me further lol. I will just show what I wore and let you see my video I recorded yesterday...

Also, bought some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils today and whoa!!!! I can do my makeup in 5 minutes and look fabu!!! If you haven't indulged... you need to get some pronto!! Also, check out YouTube videos so you can really see their potential... seriously!!

On to my outfit for yesterday...

Outfit Breakdown:
Sequin Tank: Dots
Blazer: Forever21
Skinny Jeans: Torrid (Yep... I wear these alot)
OTK Boots: Torrid
Purple Earrings: Beauty Supply

Outfit Inspiration: I woke up yesterday with the desire to wear all grey with purple accessories... no clue why... just needed to do it.

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