Friday, February 11, 2011

DOTD: What the hell!!

Today for the first time in a long time, I woke up in a great mood. No clue why, knowing that I had tons of things to do today. I usually try to stay away from waiting to the last minute to buy the things I need to buy for my kids school parties. But this week I was sick and well… I don’t know if it was the flu… but it sure did feel like someone had done a roundhouse kick to my lungs.

So today I woke up to get the kids to school so that I could get to Wal-Mart for the fun stuff (seriously dripping with sarcasm). I bought the snacks and Valentine’s Day cards and hurriedly filled them out for their respective classes. I then had to do some bill payment and things for the household. I finally made time to stop by my favorite consignment shop in the world Curve Appeal Consignment. And found 3 blazers that would fill out my collection nicely. The owner missed me and I helped a shopper find something to wear to a business meeting. Also, dropped off some business cards for QueenDiva Fashion
So today was the best… and I had my new favorite song on repeat “What the hell” by Avril Lavigne. That song is upbeat and it speaks to me. I have been good all my life… and now I’m saying… What the hell!! How about you? Are you tired of being good… all the time?

Well… onto the outfit… What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Wal-Mart
Skinny Jeans: Torrid
Leopard Booties: ebay (seller: metronomestudios)
Suiede Crop Blazer: Ashley Stewart (Kay's Boutique & Konsignment)


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