Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Igigi Review: This dress needs a job!

Ever wear something that you realize no where you go will do this item justice? I don’t currently have a job and I was wondering where I would wear this dress in order to really do the review. Then I decided that going to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and toothpaste was going to have to do. I noticed many people looking at me. I have to admit, I was seriously overdressed. But that is what made it that much more fun. The dress was gifted to me courtesy of IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel and it is is super comfortable & I am madly in love with this dress.

Reasons I love this dress:

The color: I have so many purple items in my closet, I felt that a blue dress was desperately needed.

The fit: It hugs up top and skims my curves below. This enhances my figure 8 frame making my curves sexier (in my opinion)

The length: Perfect length. Period.

There is nothing I dislike about this dress. Absolutely nothing.

I decided to wear it with my floral tights, my navy/black Shoedazzle shoes, my green earrings & green frog ring, and my black silver necklaces. I really like how this turned out. Along with my makeup. I've been sick so this is my first day really dazzling myself up in days… and it seemed like everything aligned in the universe for this outfit to be a success…

What do you think? Have you purchased from IGIGI BY Yuliya Raquel lately? If so, what did you buy?




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