Friday, February 04, 2011

Lingerie Review: My first grown up set

I'm 33 almost 34 years old. I'm not afraid of my age because I think I am getting better with age. But the reason I mention my age is because I am in my thirties and I have my FIRST bra and panty set.

I know you think I'm kidding, or that I'm lying... but its true. When you develop as quickly as I did as a teenager. I went from pretty bras to grandma bras pretty much over night. And now I'm a size (on top) that even Lane Bryant doesn't carry. So when I was contacted by the owner of Plus Size Bra and Panties to review an item. I couldn't make a decision but I indicated that I had never owned a set and she immediately said that no girl should be without a set. So she allowed me to review the Elomi Tamarie Bra set.

This is my first set so i have nothing to compare it to but in my opinion... this is the best bra set in the world. The bra is super sexy and hubby loves the embroidery. I have to admit I am also a fan. I love how it lifts and perks up the girls but not to the point of causing the straps to dig into my shoulder. In the picture above it appears to be full coverage but on me it has more of a cleavage drop look. So if you're looking for a full coverage bra, be prepared that depending on your size, it may not be. But because I have a love/love relationship with my cleavage... I love the look this bra has covered and uncovered. The panty is also super sexy because the back is mesh and see through. It is the perfect cut and is ridiculously comfortable. There was definately no riding or "wedgy" action with this brief.

All in all... if you're looking for a new set to add to your collection... I 100% recommend this set. I have every intention of trying out some other sets because... when your bra and panty match... it just does something to how you feel, walk, and behave... I felt super sexy all day.

So stop by Plus Size Bras and Panties for your next lingerie need....
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