Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DOTD: Sleep Tight But Don’t SLEEP On Tights

Although today’s outfit is fairly casual (and darn similar to the last outfit I posted), I have to tell you I am wearing something which is far more important than any item of fashion I own. I am wearing a good night’s sleep. I suffer from insomnia and yesterday due to the help of a sleeping aid… I had the first GREAT night of sleep that I have had in a long time. You can’t imagine what it feels like to go days without rest. It makes you irritable and just plain… USELESS… but today… I felt like a superhero. Hopefully more days like today are in my future…
Now although that is an important topic (and if your suffer from insomnia I would love to know how you combat it) but today on twitter I was talking to @TickaNascha and she was saying that she is having a hard time blogging in the colder weather. And I told her that tights can propel any outfit to the next level… also shoes/boots help. I then mentioned my favorite tights and she mentioned that this is some information that others would probably like to know. Of course I thought I had done a tights post previously… but while trying to Google it… I came up empty handed which leads me to believe I imagined it all. So here are the highlights of what I found in the tight world. If you have experienced any tights that I have not listed below… please inform my readers via comments…
Silkies: These are my go-to place for hosiery that meet my basic hosiery needs. I found that they have just the right amount of control top and they ship to my mailbox and I can set up automatic shipping which is super convenient this time of year when I wear tights and pantyhose so often. They however don’t have a large selection of textured or colored tights.

Torrid: I tried out the fishnets from them last year and I really liked how they fit and they also sell spanx. They occasionally have sales where all their hosiery are on sale. And usually they always have a buy one get one for 50% off.
Lane Bryant Brand: I usually buy my Lane Bryant tights at the outlet near my house where you get 2 pair for less than $20. They also don’t sell a great selection of colors, but they do have a nice selection of textured tights.
Spanx: Most plus size retailers and boutiques sell Spanx. They hold you in and they also have a cool selection of colors as well. And they are true to size.
Assets by Spanx (found in Target): They are very similar to the Spanx above (actually I don’t know what is the difference) only you can find them at your local Target (I think they are sold elsewhere, but I have no idea where).
WeLoveColors: COLORS! COLORS! Oh the colors!! I love how you can find any possible color that you have imagined here. they don’t have much control (at least not to the level I prefer) but oh the possibilities… oh yeah!!!
Kmart Brand: Last year I found a pair of tights from the Kmart Brand that fit. They aren’t much on control either but they were affordable and they had some cool color possibilities (last year I found a great pair of purple tights)
Walmart Brand: They go up to a size 4, and they are also good for basic colors and textures. They only problem I have found is that they aren’t consistent on their sizes. In some textures I wear a 3 and in others I wear a 4… and once I found that even a size 4 was too small.
Target Brand: Can’t fit any of their tights. I am 5’7. Most people think I’m taller but I’m not. But anytime I’ve tried Target brand tights… they never made it remotely close to my crotch. So apparently only short people where tights in the opinion of Target… thanks… but no thanks….
I hope this information helps you decide where to buy your tights or to help you take the first step towards your first purchase. Also remember that in a pinch, a pair of seamless leggings and some boots can give the illusion of tights in a pinch *winks*. Now… onto my restful sleep induced casual outfit (But oh how I loved my makeup today!!!)… Hasta la próxima (until next time) ~besitos~


What I’m Wearing Today: 
Black Cami: Forever21+
Striped Batwing Top: Dots
Black Leggings: Forever21+
Purple Wedges: Bakers Shoes
Earrings/Ring: beauty supply

Eye makeup: By Lauren Luke Vintage Glam Palette

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